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    Quote Originally Posted by Nano View Post
    Well Bugger. I thought i was on the money with the Kin-Gin Bro's being Sons of a Jinchuriki.

    Lets hope Naruto can get some of those weapons to counter Itachi's weapons that Sasuke has probably inherited, since by the sound of it only Naruto can probably use them and not die. That could be the reason why Naruto has not taken a weapon so far....lets hope so.
    hey, it was a good thought u had that I agreed with, but I guess they all tried to capture the kyubi to seal it into jinchurikis but failed always till Madara/Hashirama came along and Hashirama's level of control over it allowed his uzumaki wife to fully implement her fuuinjutsu. What I wanna know is whether the kyubi was simply sealed inside that gourd, maybe a temple or was it roaming around free for centuries before Madara's Mangekyou awakening. I want more flashbacks of that time.

    Quote Originally Posted by paulbee View Post
    What You mean they gave the QB a Belly Ache?

    Talk about your Sick Puppy.......(Wonder what else came up with his Up-Chuck). On a thoughtfull note, most thinga die or disnitegrate when exposed to QB Chakra. These Guys spent 2 Wks in his belly and came out smilling. OOF-DAH!
    ur right. But it's possible they could've had some sort of protection from the chakra, like a raiton armor, while at the same time they were siphoning off kyubi's chakra, annoying the kyubi until it couldn't take it anymore.

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    Something told me I would like Ginkaku and Kinkaku.

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    Yeah... Gotta make you wonder how these freaks of nature are going to be defeated. They seem to posses all of them, so I think this will be really thinning Darui's division out.

    @Rokudaime: O yeah, I forgot about the whole nidaime/sandaime rikudo-thingie.

    Damn, would have stayed up for the actual chapter if I had more beer.

    Tomorrow should be a good naruto-day. A baaaad-ass chapter and finally the 5 kages in the anime...

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