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Thread: Superbowl 2011

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    it was a shame that nick barnett got hurt, but it was more of a shame that charles woodson broke his collar bone...ouch. He's a 13 year vet and he's Mr. Greenbay on defense. I can only imagine how bad you feel when you get hurt in the championship game. After he broke his collar bone he actually lined up for another play
    Beware of the Kyubii

    Stev3child - The biggest pussy of them all is rokudaime sennin though. If he was a real man, he wouldn't have relied on hax god-given powers to seal the Jyubi. He would have suplexed that bitch and ripped each tail from the beast one by one with his bare hands.

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    Roethlisberger talked about Schnitzel, so it was an amazing Super Bowl this time. lölz
    Na, it was okay, not soo spectacular or something~ Next one will be better. Hope for the Saints again. ;P

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    ha fuck the steelers!

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