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Endgame plot is in sight. If Zeref is allowed to revert to his former state it will spell doom for the rest of the magical world. As he is now he's no match for Ultear, who may just be the strongest member of the 7 Kin.

I think this chap was good at illustrating how brutal of a stomping Fairy Tail is receiving this arc. Makarov was taken aback by having to fight his former master and was completely defeated, offering no offense whatsoever.

GH's explosion expert, Azuma, took down a three team force of a former Extalian General, a secret agent from the council and the Sky Dragonslayer, and then Mira as well. His accomplishments are certainly arguable, Lily did not have a sword and can only stay transformed for a limited time, Mest is a covert specialist with limited battling skills, and Wendy has more of a supportive magic in comparison to her destructive counterparts added on to her young age and inexperience. Mira's is even more blatantly obvious as she was distracted the entire time with Lisa's predicament. Still can't argue with results, he's gotten the job done twice already.

Natsu is above and beyond his limits and can't be healed while wearing his cursed scarf, Caprico is fending off 4 of the strongest members with no difficulty, and Beauty and the Beast (Guess which is which) were just taken out by Rustyrose with similar ease. Grimoire Heart has given out a total beat down, and have accomplished their goals. This is most likely the utter defeat arc everyone was predicting when Grimoire was introduced.

So in that respect I liked the development. Still want to see Caprico and Meldy in action.
agreed and i am surprised that we did not see a bit of that battle this chapter so i have to wonder now that they have what they came for are they going to just leave? i doubt it but it seems we are getting close to the end of this beat down so who knows.