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    yea i know what you mean and here is the new captain America poster.

    I like the movie and the casting choice but I think if that's the final costume he has, it looks to "manufactured muscles" and it could hurt the movie. Lovin that shield though. They did it major justice.
    What new Wolverine movie was announced? To come out around when? Not talking about the Magneto origins they were planning, right?

    Quote Originally Posted by Jaiden View Post
    They already messed with the superman reboot, they cast a british dude to play the lead (i.e. Clark Kent/Superman). Even though I like british actors/actresses, bad move on whoever did casting because he really doesn't look he fits the role.

    I am both a Marvel and DC fan. But when it comes to movies, Marvel gets my vote (Do agree with Arbitrary, the Dark Knight is the best DC movie yet).
    Agreed on all counts. Think if you're trying to save money, then choose 1( I realize how much I wind up spending on titles from all), but otherwise they both have their definite merits.
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