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    Bakuman 118 Discussion/119 Predictions

    Grab the release here

    I suspected as much that this guy wasn't who he was making himself out to be. Are we finally going to have a villain in Bakuman?
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    Badass sub forum for Bakuman, what manga did it replace?

    I thought Ejii was going be the villain but seems more of a friendly Rival, but yeah this guy if he's going be the villain turning out pretty good.

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    It replace Psyren.

    I don't know if this guy is going to be a "villain".. In my mind, he's not a villain until he actively tries to get Ashirogi fired, or starts to copy Ashirogi's unpublished work. or something. As long as he produces his own material, he's free to use whatever methods he wants.

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    I'm just going to quote what I said in the other thread, BECAUSE, it's about this chapter

    Quote Originally Posted by [JUiCE] View Post
    I just read the last two chapters, 117 and 118. Oh man..About time Bakuman got a "bad guy"
    That kid is a prick too, so it makes a little mad how he "truly" acts. Damn, I haven't gotten this serious about manga in a good while. Bakuman, you are the shit

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