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Why does everyone seem think Shanks is the Strongest in OPU? I don't know if Mihawk is the 'Strongest' however its pretty clear he's stronger then Shanks since he doesn't even recognize the 1 armed man as a rival anymore.

Losing a arm is a big deal in One Piece or wherever, the fact is Shanks and Mihawk were 'rivals' and seemly on the same level, until Shanks came back from the East Blue with 1 arm, when Mihawk seen this he supposedly said he wouldn't have a handicapped man as a rival.

Now picture you being with a guy who were were 1 for 1 in terms of fighting, he losses his arm, could you beat him then? of course you could....

@Athary : The Yonkou Title does not mean anything other then your a strong pirate crew with alot of influence, sure its assumed that to be a Yonkou you'd have to be 'One' of the strongest, however in terms of Mihawk(who seemly has no crew and lives in a abandon castle) you can't say...
"oh Mihawk is Shibukai and Shanks is Yonkou, Yonkou is higher then Shibukai, therefore Shanks is Stronger then Mihawk".

At least in Mihawks case it doesn't work like this.. he's established being the #1 Swordsmen, forgetting the fact Shanks uses a sword, for all we know Mihawk just didn't have aspirations to go higher then Shibukai.

Just as WB didn't have the aspirations to become PK, Mihawk seemly doesn't wish to go higher then Shibukai, if he did he would have a crew, allies, etc, etc

@arisart : Garp has no DF and was weak enough to be physically held down by Sengoku(while watching Ace die), I highly doubt Garp could beat Marco/Mihawk or guys on there level. sure 20years ago Garp could, but now he's too old.
If I'm not mistaken, It was said that Shanks losing an arm didn't diminished his strength. Though he won't be that effective in a swordfight anymore, he could still have some other fighting style that he'd developed that doesn't require an arm. Mihawk lose his interest in Shanks simply because he thinks his swordmanship ain't that good anymore but that doesn't necessarily mean his overall strength diminished as well. I mean if Sanji lose an arm, he would still be as strong. I thought we are all finished at this topic. That being said though, imo neither of them is currently the strongest.

So what? Rayleigh doesn't have a df and yet he is still on par with a Kizaru who has one of the strongest df around. Being held down by Sengoku doesn't mean shit really. Garp wanted to kill Akainu by sudden burst of emotion but at the same time he knew in his mind that Ace will end up dead anyway and what Akainu did was just following orders to execute Ace so he had this internal struggle to control himself or go apeshit on Akainu. If he really wanted to kill him he would have fought Sengoku to free himself which he didn't.

Remember during Rogers era, WB and Garp are the only ones who can fight Roger on the same level. It's safe to assume that the power diffirence between the two ain't that big. Now, old WB who has a stabbed on his chest and has a great illness still manages to beat an Admiral, just imagine if that were Garp who doesn't have any illness we know of and probably younger than old WB by a couple of years (Garp still has dark hair at the time of Roger while WB looks just as old as now). I honestly think that Garp would have murdered Akainu with no problem if Sengoku didn't interfere. The same Admiral who the whole BB pirates ran away from.