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    One Piece 474 Spoilers


    Chinese Jojohot scan:
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    From Battle Franky (from Himajin):
    第474話 It Can't Be Helped!!!

    エネルの扉絵は来週が最終回です 「燃料満タン!立ち上がるエネル軍団!!」

    Next week will be the last installment in Enel's cover story [Gas up the tanks! The Enel Amry Stand Tall]


    Moria's shadow runs away, Luffy is alone in the forest


    Scene changes


    Odz and Zoro are fighting, though Zoro isn't experienced using Shusui yet (<--his new sword)


    I'm amazed at the power of the Hyaku Hachi Pondo Hou (108 Pound Cannon) I wonder if it'd work on Odz


    Zoro doesn't intend to take Odz alone, the ground rumbles as the Strawhat's block Odz' path (<-- kinda iffy on the wording)


    The fog is beginning to clear in the sky. Because of Odz neither Zoro nor the zombies can hide their urgency.

    モリアとくまが対峙します。くま、モリアに向かって「旅行するならどこに行きたい?」 これが ご挨拶のよう です

    Now, Kuma confronts Moria [If you could take a trip, where would you go?] This seems to be his greeting.

    くまの用件はクロコダイルの後任の話でした。黒ひげに決まった様です。世間では騒ぎになってる 模様

    Kuma discusses the succesor to Crocodile. Which has been decided will be 'Blackbeard'. It's caused quite a stir. but Kuma's real business is to lend support, so a second Shichibukai isn't defeated by Luffy...


    Moria's frustrated, he enters the stomach of Odz in anger and tries to control him. Looks like a robot.

    親玉も出てきて千載一遇と判断した麦わら一味は食堂から大量の塩を持ってこようとしますが(ウ ソップとブル ックが向かった)
    オーズのパンチで食堂ごと破壊されます。なんとかかわしたウソップとブルックの手には大量の塩 が

    It's a one in a million chance, but Brooke & Usopp break off and search for a great deal of salt, but the destruction caused by Odz' punches has destroyed the dining room. But they managed to find enough.


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    Holy! So Blackbeard is now a Shichibukai! I knew it! He cashed in Ace!

    Apparently Kuma has the power of teleportation. He inquired Perona's desirable destination, which is precisely where he send her to. The Straw Hats are in trouble! In addition to the rampaging Oz, they are now pinned against 2 shichibukais! The chance is that the straw hats will flee Thriller Bark instead of burning it to the ground(actually, I think Thriller Bark is already on the "ground"). After all, their ship is now loaded with supplies and treasure, they got a new Nakama and once they manage to retrieve their shadows, why should they stay back and face off two shichibukais?

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    Well, I suppose Straw Hats won't fight two shichibukais at the same time, because since Moria rejected Kuma's suggestion to get out and he wanted to defeat Straw Hats, Kuma will care no more about him and will simply get out.

    Oda made Kuma appear just to give us the information that Blackbeard is a new Shichibukai, nothing more at the moment. I suppose Kuma won't fight anybody until the last 200 or 150 chapters.

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    Awesomeness, I do hope however that another Shichibukai is defeated, they've only beaten 1 out of 7 and now that member has been replaced, seriously, they need to start kicking more ass.

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    I think Moria will get his ass handed to him and the Straw Hats will get out before they get a chance to get in a fight with Kuma. Of course thats just one possible path, if Moria stays standing then that just means the Shichibukai are back to full strength (and it would get annoying if they just instated a different pirate to be a Shichibukai everytime one gets beaten.


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    Dammmn if Kuma can teleport people where ever he wants that makes him practically the strongest person ever, he doesn't even need to lift a finger all he has to do it teleport them to a volcano or the sun or something, I hope he has a limit to his power. Might even be more powerful than the other Shichibukai who can control peoples bodies
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