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    yay! i'm topping most of the boards >]

    i guess i have too much free time... what do you guys do when you have extra free time and nothing to do?

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    悪い海賊キャプテン SUSHI! Sushi's Avatar
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    Jul 2007
    Kart Rider, buy real estate to make money, lurk forums, listen to music, go out with friends.

    edit: oh, and lots of manga/anime.

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    broke, broke, currently doing, currently doing(mitsuke happy life), friends avoid me because i complain too much about being bored

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    i go out a lot, to the beach xP or clubs or if i am really bored and have nothing to do i surf through the internet or chat or phone ... nothing special

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    Yeah, I have too much free time also. Too much that I'm dying to do something extreme. Can't wait 'till my postgraduate. Now I'm just lurking on forums, reading all those novels that I bought ages ago but haven't touched it yet, finding other interesting manga or anime, or... writing.

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    Jolly ol' England
    .... work takes up toooooooo much of my time :(

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    meh just watch random tv and anime
    always does the job for me :kakashi
    Harry Potter 7 :yondaime

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    i mostly try to find insparation for my fanfiction...then i have work...or i find a new anime/manga to finish
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    Where the sun don't shine... figuratively speaking...
    i don't really write fics like ChloeOtaku09... i more of a critic and proofreader for fics and authors...

    Other than that i'm studying, reading manga, d/ling hentai, sending viruses.... the usual... i also like to dance,
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    I play

    I play because I have a lot of um I gues you can say "friends" there and WoW is too addictive this is adictive but not as much
    I'm a Manga/Anime lover.

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