I was watching Everybody Loves Raymond. Robert has this weird addiction. He must bring his food to touch the butt of his chin before he swallows it.

Everybody has a strange addiction of some sort, or habits, OCD moments, or quirks.

For example, I can't stop shaking my legs in classroom or in front of my computer when I am bored or hyper.

I can't withstand a white piece of scrap paper on the floor, even if it's a tiny strip. As long as it is in my peripheral sight, I must remove it from the floor before I can concentrate on anything. If it's colored, I don't care.

If I am bored, I like to check my watch every half a minute. It makes others think that I am being impatient with them and get offended. So I had to learn to stop.

Highlighting whatever I'm reading.

I set my alarm 10 minutes early so I get to have the gratification of hitting snooze twice, making me feel like I had a longer sleep.

So what are yours?