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    Quote Originally Posted by DukeTheGold View Post
    Haha, I have that one too. Although it applies for both regular TV and Movies. I just wanna know how to spell everything. ^^
    For me it's more... I can deal with watching TV without subtitles, but I prefer it. For movies though, it's a must. ^^;
    It's not because I want to know how to spell everything- It's more that I like reading, and I also feel a bit like I'll miss something if I don't have subtitles on. >.<
    (Even when I had french subtitles on my downloads of How I Met Your Mother, I still read them out of habit even though I don't understand any french. XD)

    I've even got my family into the habit now...!

    Let's get this party started.

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    Queenie, you mentioned that you watch TV on your laptop, I was wondering what software/program do you use?

    plus, just to stay somewhat on topic, a few of my friends have that issue too, they absolutly have to have the captions on. Sometimes I dont mind captions, especially when a character/person has a thick accent. However, I find that sometimes I miss things in the scene while Im busy reading the captions.
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    I have this strange habbit of shaking my legs when I sit in a chair for a long period of time I don't know why I do it but it's something I have to do even though I don't want to. I also have an addiction to hentai I can't get enough of it lol but I won't go into detail about that since that kind of talk is not allowed here.

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    I don't know if knuckle cracking is 'strange' but I also drive satisfaction from seeing a new spam account register, then quickly banning the IP.
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    ^ Knuckle cracking is awesome, not weird.

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    @woof: For you I would have said compulsive shaving and lentil eating ...

    For me It's a compulsion to have my desk absolutely, painstakingly tidy and an inability to refrain from eating popcorn in my vicinity till there is no more.

    I'm sure that's not ''weird'' but it's all I've got.

    - Ot

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