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Ahhhh mira out already..., that´s disappointing. :(

I hate how he has made mira look like a weakling now, losing to such an unimportant guy. She's one of my fave chars. -_-

I was so looking forward to an arc that was gonna involve her, and now that we got it, she got smoked at the start for godsakes.... Everyone else can look defeated 10times and still stand up but mira's gone in 1 easy sweep. -_- She had no magic power left?? come on... thats lame.

Please let her be back!
Agree with this, Mashima trolling Mirajane. Finally a serious fight for her and what she's exhausted at the start? Handicap much? Why this had to be the time for Mirajane's character development with her sister the fuck?!!! But the biggest trolling would be if Mirajane is the one who dies in this arc guessing we will get like at least 2 or 3 more characters getting utterly defeated having us guess among them who's the one to kick the bucket. Mirajane needs to make a come back, Wendy needs to heal her to full, it will be Bull if it stays like this. Erza done this a million times handicap > defeated > come back > kick ass > handicap > still wins > passes out > wakes up > passes out again > kicks ass.

Also is it just me or is everything fast paced?

Azuma's translation when Mirajane used Satan Soul almost looked like "It's been a while since I felt such ejaculation" I was like what? Had to stop and reread it but his reaction sure looks that way. Zeref turned the roles around he'll be playing the dominant role while Ultear a sub.