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    六代目火影仙人 Rokudaime Sennin ™'s Avatar
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    Bleach Reborn! Chapter 323 : "Small Animal"

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    Global Moderator Jaiden's Avatar
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    Hibari Rules!! Great chapter.

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    C'mon Son! OrochiKakaRiya's Avatar
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    Hibari is crazy!! This mofo is the "sky gaurdian", but says "one day I'll even bite up the sky itself". How gangsta is that?
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    Stev3child - The biggest pussy of them all is rokudaime sennin though. If he was a real man, he wouldn't have relied on hax god-given powers to seal the Jyubi. He would have suplexed that bitch and ripped each tail from the beast one by one with his bare hands.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OrochiKakaRiya View Post
    Hibari is crazy!! This mofo is the "sky gaurdian", but says "one day I'll even bite up the sky itself".
    Because he will. Of that I have no doubt. But what he said about the sky almost seems like he was giving a backhanded compliment to Tsuna while also saying he'd take tsuna down when the time came. Surprised the fight was really done in 1 more chapter. When Adelheid said that comment about his level, you gotta know she was hiding fear and surprise @ his power.
    Now I think we'll see 1 of the most important slices of the Vongola/Shimon history. And then it might be time for a Yammamoto appearance and final fight.

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    LOL, U MAD? Arbitrary's Avatar
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    I actually expected him to do that (tiny spikes) since I saw the technique a chapter before this.

    Nonetheless, I agree that Hibari did somehow thought of Tsuna when they were talking about the sky.

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