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Besides the fact that edo tensei continues to have a tremendous amount of inconsistencies and plot-holes this was a good chapter.

Funny how the second mizukage was brought back, pretty random lol considering the third mizukage was never brought back.

Second Mizukage must have been pretty badass if he was able to kill Mu, who apparently only Onoki can stand up against.

Shikamaru's dad is a genius. No surprise there.

Third Raikage isnt exactly a genius, hes just wasting his talents by not fighting and just giving orders.

Naruto's been gone for awhile.......

Seems like the Kyuubi was possibly with the Cloud ninja brothers before Madara got control of it with the EMS.

Hmmmm where the fuck is Itachi and Nagato.....Kabuto's got something up his sleeze with them.

I wonder when Kabuto is gonna bring out the Tailed Beast hosts.....i wanna see what they're capable of w/o their beasts.
You mean the fourth Raikage. Third was resurrected by Kabuto