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    Naruto Naruto Chapter 525 - "The Kages Revived!"

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    Damn this chapter was just introduction of uber powerful ninjas. am most interested in the kin-gin brothers and the kages with the bloodline expansion. Great chapter i hate to say this but i think the whole join army is f**ked. besides i guess we know what kabuto was doing during his absence, he was collecting DNA sample from powerful kages and people. Damn kabuto u are a bad a** mofo. Also the kin-gin brothers got marks on their cheek like naruto does, this should be interesting

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    With each chapter, I appreciate the level of power Oro had a little more.

    Kabuto is showing himself to be a force unlike any I can remember and he still holds Oro's power in high regard. This, of course, elevates Itachi who made such short work of Oro...but the fact remains that he was sure to have more than he displayed.

    Sooner than later we may get battles with a level of catharsis equal or surpassing the rescue Sasuke arc, with the young generation taking center stage and defeating the legends of old. And hell, I'll admit it...I want some of them to die in the process. Such is the cost of war.

    80,000 shinobi in the field and a handful of names makes Raikage feel he needs to fight. It's real in the muthafuggin' field!
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    holy hell...tinged with the nine tails chakra?

    god damn you kishi! i want this explained now.

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    Great chapter. 2nd Tsuchikage sounds like trouble. Hopefully old man Tsuchikage can handle him. Would like to see all previous hokages against their predecessors (except for Tsunade). We will probably see Gaara vs his dad in the chapters to come anyway. I really want to see what Kinkaku and Ginkaku can do also, hopefully Kishi will show that. Zetsu found the feudal lords safe house which doesn't bode well for them. So many great things to come, can't wait.

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    Senior Member FenixMarco's Avatar
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    Awesome chapter probably my fav so far, Bloodline Expansion ninja is badass on every level.

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    Senior Member Afro Thunda's Avatar
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    It's kinda cool, yet odd how every ninja summoned back is completely calm and not surprised about being summoned back to life. Not a single one of them was like "Da fuck!? I'm alive again!!?" Their all like, "Here I am, back from the dead. I wonder who did this?" Yea, these are some badass people Kabuto summoned for sure. I'm liking the tactical aspect that Nara Shikaku (Shikamaru's dad) brings to the chapter. I can't wait to see some more clashes.

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    Lot's of interesting stuff this chapter. For me the Kin-Gin brothers stands out: looks like the Kyuubi's been passed around more than we previously thought.

    I like how the tension's really starting to build. All the good guys are starting to get nervous.

    Bloodline that's what's behind those Dust Elements techniques. Pretty damn cool.

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    Elder Brother EliteKage's Avatar
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    Besides the fact that edo tensei continues to have a tremendous amount of inconsistencies and plot-holes this was a good chapter.

    Funny how the second mizukage was brought back, pretty random lol considering the third mizukage was never brought back.

    Second Mizukage must have been pretty badass if he was able to kill Mu, who apparently only Onoki can stand up against.

    Shikamaru's dad is a genius. No surprise there.

    Third Raikage isnt exactly a genius, hes just wasting his talents by not fighting and just giving orders.

    Naruto's been gone for awhile.......

    Seems like the Kyuubi was possibly with the Cloud ninja brothers before Madara got control of it with the EMS.

    Hmmmm where the fuck is Itachi and Nagato.....Kabuto's got something up his sleeze with them.

    I wonder when Kabuto is gonna bring out the Tailed Beast hosts.....i wanna see what they're capable of w/o their beasts.

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    Fuck it! There's just too many characters now.
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