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    inside the great spirit

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    Go natsu!!!111 :(
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    Sweet, thanks MangaStream

    Can't wait to see how Natsu takes care of Amateresu.
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    Figured it'll go like this, though without Natsu sweating that much. But yeah, I was hoping he'll go Super Saiyan and whoop some ass after getting his ass whooped ( sounds familiar, aye? ).

    Good chapter, not great but good enough still I can't believe our beloved Manga-ka pulled off something like a "God Slayer" to fill up this Arc, it's interesting but it's sorta corny at the same time.. but meh, I guess that's fine aslong as it doesn't go like the past Arc with cats flyin' all over the place and etc.
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    Good chapter, but what the hell can that goat guy do?, and more importantly what about that kid? Fairy Tail seems screwed, but the "Main Character" Syndrome will kick in and everyone's gonna win their fights
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    Looks like we're back to having the beautiful ladies of Fairy Tail posing for the covers instead of that abomination we had last week. This time in winter gear, Lluvia's so cute!

    Zancrow learned his magic from Hades huh? That old geezer is bound to be super strong, Gildartz is realistically the only Fairy Tail guy I see being on his level, give or take Natsu when he's pissed/in berserker mode.

    Yeah Natsu and maybe someone else might win their fights but there's no way they take down the whole guild this arc. Natsu's Dragonslaying like always, but I still think Zancrow will rough him up a bit too. Caprico taking on the likes of Gray, Loki, Cana and Lucy all at once is seriously impressive. Now that's a Zodiac Spirit worth retrieving.

    Zeref is the wild card, once he's retrieved I doubt Grimoire will have any reason to stay and evacuate with their goal accomplished leaving Fairy Tail in the dust. Not saying they'll have a complete victory as some members might lose, but I think the bad guys will get one over our heroes.

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    GREAT chapter.
    loved seeing natsu use his fear and anger way to use the dark side of the force LOL. and i really want to see gray get his a** in gear next chapter. also i think natsu and zancrow will fight to a draw this time and fight again down the line. then i want to see mirajane vs azuma thats what i really want to see. also i really do not want to see elfman get own but i feel that coming and i wonder how the team of juvia and erza will fair?
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    Next Chapter name just say how Natsu going to whipe the floor with Zancrow.. I doubt that anything going to happen between Hades and Natsu, They'll probly be gone after finding Zeref and natsu will be mad ab out it that he couldn't take revenge for grandpa ... yet...

    Anyway, Fairy Tail will lose this, will learn from their weakness, get stronger and beat the crap out fo GH te next time they fight.

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    Oh shit! Natsu is about to go off. Great chapter.

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    Next week youll all see what I taught Natsu so far.

    Its kinda funny that they were so close to Makarov and Hades but didnt realize it. Caprico seems really strong, too strong for Lucy to have as a spirit I think.
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