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    The Prince Of Orange Star

    Prince of Orange Star: Starblind

    Read it at here - Here

    Brief Summary: Gohan has grown tired of being pampered and looked over at every waking second. It was by his terms that he go out and experience being a real kid. Not knowing anyone his own age he thought School would be the perfect way to experience being a kid. 3 years Post Cell Games.

    Oh yea, I don't own DBZ


    "Master Gohan please be reasonable. Let me take you to school today. There's no reason why a Prince should have to go to his first day of classes alone." Davis, the closest butler to the young Prince, was simply being a responsible caretaker. Since the Son's arrival to the Kingdom 3 years previous, Davis had taken the role of a respectable and responsible Male figure in Gohan's life. He was just looking out for the kid.

    Gohan stood at his opened door, dressed in his Royal attire minus the crown. It would be odd wearing his crown to a public school. It was bad enough that his admission into the school was Big News. There was a special hour dedicated to the mysterious Prince about him starting school in Satan City. Besides the people inside the Ox Kingdom, what went on inside the Kingdom grounds was a mystery. Gohan becoming a student at the highest prided school in the country was big news and a high honor for the School System.

    "I told you. I'll be fine. If you want you can come pick me up when school is over, kay? Just let me do this alone. And please don't try and come and spy on me. I know how your like, but just trust me on this. I want to try and fit in, ya know. And I can't do that if I have someone from the Kingdom watching over me every second."

    Davis finished folding Gohan's clothes and set in his drawers. "Fine. You win. But just know. I will be there right when the school day ends. I'll have an extra set of clothes ready for you to come home in." Gohan smiled and threw up a peace sign towards his older friend.

    "Hehe, you know me too well. I guess I'm going to grab a quick bite to eat and then head out. See ya later." He waved the butler off and ran off towards the kitchen where the smell of the greatest cooking he's ever tasted struck his senses and washed over him. He was in heaven every time he was in the kitchen because even though the Son family came to the Kingdom to settle down and be treated how they properly should have been for saving the world time and time again, Chi Chi insisted she kept up her duties and cooked for her two sons. Gohan never really knew any other taste besides what his mom cooked. It was only the best from her, and nothing else.

    When he reached the kitchen he saw his little brother sitting in a booster seat at the large table. Gohan ruffled through his brother's hair and grabbed a bowl of rice. "Later kiddo, be good for mom. And make sure you don't make a mess of things without me alright?" He kissed his mom on the cheek and ran towards the exit to the large mansion. "Love you mom, see you after school."

    Running through the long hallways of the castle, Gohan eyed some photos of his family that were taken over the years. He saw one picture that just screamed for him to take with him wherever he went. It was just one of those pictures that when you saw it, you couldn't help but feel like it brightened up the room. It brought him back to the good old days, it put a smile on his face when he looked back to remember the day it was taken. He stored the picture in his pocket and continued onwards towards the door.

    Prince Gohan was just about to reach the exit to the kingdom when he was grabbed by the shoulder by a big set of hands. The only person wit hands those large was the one and only Ox King himself. "Hey Grandpa. What's up?"

    "Hey Gohan. I just wanted to wish my grandson all the best on his first day of public school. I know you've felt a bit cramped up here in the castle and this is your way of trying to be a kid. But just know that if you don't like it there that you can still go to school here. I know it probably wouldn't be the same as going out and witnessing for yourself first hand what a public school is like, but you'll be close to home, and there's nothing wrong with that."

    His grandpa just wanted what was best for his grandson, just like Davis. He felt responsible for the boy's well being as a man since his father was no longer around to show him the ropes of growing up. He was much more involved in the boy's life ever since they moved in after finding out Chi Chi was going to be conceiving another child. Those months of going through Pregnancy issues were much easier the second time around after knowing what was to expect, especially from another Saiyan Hybrid.

    "Thanks grandpa. But I think I'll be ok. I mean, it's just school. How bad can it be? Besides, if there's any problems, I'm sure as the OX King you can fix it right up." He was joking of course. "Really now though, I'll be fine grandpa. I'll be back right after school to take care of my duties as Prince. If there's anything to do that I haven't covered that is."

    It was very well known throughout the kingdom that when Gohan set his mind on something, he got it done as quickly and as perfectly as possible. It was a curse really. It's what left him bored in the castle on most days. Besides playing with his little brother, his duties as Prince was the only thing he HAD to do in the day. And he wasn't often let out of sight of the Royal guards. There was always a close eye kept on him after his previous 'escape' from the Kingdom. Although it was just a fishing trip, the Kingdom had to at all times know where each member of the Royal Family was. So that's where Gohan's idea for school came in.

    It was basically his only escape from the eagle eyes of the Kingdom that one day would be his. And that's why he was looking forward to the day. After saying goodbye to his grandpa, the guards let Gohan through the large doors that separated the kingdom from the rest of the world and let Gohan through. They waved their Prince off, keeping their firearms aimed in front of him as precaution. Gohan walked slowly off the path until he was no longer in sight of the Guards.

    He lept up towards the sky and called for a long not seen friend. "FLYING NIMBUS!" The magical cloud was under his feet in seconds and carrying him towards the city. "Long time no see, good to see you Nimbus. Now, take me, TO SCHOOL!" He shouted, happy as can be that he was free from the watchful eyes of the Ox Kingdom for the day. He was definitely looking forward to this day.


    It wasn't long after he had gotten on Nimbus that he was reaching the borders of West City, or Satan City as it was now known as. Gohan didn't mind the fact that the guy with the afro claimed to have beaten Cell. Being a Prince had brought it's own publicity. If the world had known that he was also the same kid who fought and beat Cell then his world would have been thrown up side down and what little privacy he had would have be thrown away.

    They were flying high enough above the city to where he wasn't going to be noticed flying a yellow cloud. He took a peak down on the city and saw the rustle and bustle that Satan City was known for. And just as the news had always portrayed, there was traffic jams and more traffic jams. Cars seemed to just come out of no where and pile up one after another. The streets looked like a bad coloring book from up where he sat. So many different colored cars and no pattern.

    Another minute or two flew by, literally, and he was reaching the roof of Orange Star. The High prestige school was known for schooling only the best and brightest young scholars. Only a lucky select few were allowed to wander those hallways on a daily basis. It was a privilege, no, an honor to be a student here.

    Gohan hopped down from Nimbus and went to he ledge of the Roof. He looked down and saw a bunch of Paparazzi waiting by the front entrance to the school. He could hear them all mumbling about when the Prince of the Ox Kingdom was going to arrive for his first day of Public school.

    "Oh jeez. Is me going to school really that big of a deal? Well, I'd hate to be them. Cause they're going back to whatever news station they came from empty handed. Cause this student is on his way to his first class of the day." Gohan smiled and turned back to the door on the roof.

    Once in the hallways of Orange Star Gohan wandered around as if he was lost. He kept getting odd stares from his peers. He couldn't tell if it was because they knew who he was or if it was because they didn't know who he was and that he looked odd to them. He told himself that it was because he was the new kid and it was normal for the new guy to feel out of place. Whatever got him through the day with a smile on his face, right? Right.

    He wandered for a couple minutes longer until one of the faculty members noticed the boy looking a bit lost. "Umm, excuse me young man. Are you looking for somewhere to go? You don't seem to know where you're headed." This was the math teacher. A middle aged man with dark shady hair. His glasses looked really tight, so Gohan assumed his eye sight was poor without them and that they were of the utmost importance to the teacher.

    "Yea, I guess I'm kind of lost. I'm new here and don't really know where to go. Do you mind helping me out if it's not a problem." Mr. Hiroshi pointed Gohan in the direction of the main office and went on his way back towards his classroom. The second bell signaling that students had better be in their seats had already rung and he was late for his lecture. Today was going to be different somehow, he just knew something interesting was going to happen today. That was beside the fact the the Prince of the Infamous Ox Kingdom was going to begin attending classes here.


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    "Yea, I guess I'm kind of lost. I'm new here and don't really know where to go. Do you mind helping me out if it's not a problem." Mr. Hiroshi pointed Gohan in the direction of the main office and went on his way back towards his classroom. The second bell signaling that students had better be in their seats had already rung and he was late for his lecture. Today was going to be different somehow, he just knew something interesting was going to happen today. That was beside the fact the the Prince of the Infamous Ox Kingdom was going to begin attending classes here.

    It was only minutes later that there was a knock at his classroom door. "Hold that thought class. It seems we have a bit of an interruption." Mr. Hiroshi opened the door to see the same boy from earlier. "Oh, it's you again. Still lost are we?"

    "Actually, um." He crumpled through the paper with his schedule on it. "Mr. Hiroshi? This is my first class." Gohan answered, sounding a bit uncomfortable with the idea. Here was the same guy who helped him out earlier, how ironic he would be teaching Gohan Math for the rest of the school year, or at least what was left of the year. It was already the start of the second semester, so if Gohan didn't enjoy his experience as Orange Star, he would only have to deal with it for half a year and then just go back to being home schooled again.

    "Ah, I see. Well, let me get your first and last name and I'll find you a seat. Actually." Gohan mumbled his name so the class wouldn't here him. He was still standing outside of the classroom. So to the class, Mr. Hiroshi was just talking to someone who was probably getting an earful for interrupting his lecture. "Hmm, I don't see your name on my list. Are you sure, oh I see." Gohan showed him his schedule with his name on it. Well, it had the name he went by while he was attending special meetings for his Grandpa.

    "And here I thought you weren't going to show up today." He motioned for Gohan to step towards the middle of the class. "Class, I would like to introduce a new student to our 'Kingdom', The Ox Prince himself, O--"

    "Hey no. Please. Just call me by my real name if you don't mind." Hey turned to Mr. Hiroshi before he could speak the embarrassing name he was dubbed while at the Castle. He turned back around to his new classmates. "Hey, my name's Gohan. It's nice to meet you all." He bowed in respect and looked back at the math teacher. "Umm, where do I sit?"

    "Oh, it is a bit crowded in here, isn't it. Well, hmm. Let's see." After moments of searching for a seat for the dark haired Prince he spotted the seemingly ditsy blond who prided herself in being the gossip queen reaching for the skies, grabbing his attention. "You see that girl over there with the blond hair with her hand up, you can sit right up there if it's not a problem."

    Gohan looked up to the girl with her hands raised to the ceiling and smirked a small grin. A nice gesture that was of her. He walked up the aisle to his seat, gaining many stares from his classmates, some looked as though they envied him, others looked at him like he was just another piece of fresh meat. The attention as a whole was exactly how he pictured the day would go, but hopefully it would pass as he got settled in and people got used to him being there.

    "Hi, my name's Gohan. Nice to meet you." He greeted, extending his hand outwards to properly make his acquaintance. She put a hand to her chin and blew him a kiss.

    "Hey there cutie. I'm Erasa. It's nice to finally meet you, your highness." The mention of his royal status bothered him a bit. That was what he was trying to get away from, but one day with putting up with it would have to do. He figured it was how everyone was going to greet him on his first day. Again, he crossed his fingers behind his back hoping it would soon pass.

    "Please, there's no need for that here. I'm a normal student here just like you." He moved his head to look past the blond. "Who are your friends?" He asked her. There was another blond, one with longer hair than her, but with masculine features. Probably a jock. And then sitting next to him was a girl with raven dark hair and bright baby blue eyes that caused him to lose focus and stare.

    "Oh, these two here? This one next to me here is Sharpner. He's here for Boxing. He's one of the top if not the best the school has. And next to him is the city's very own Videl Satan, daughter of Mr. Satan himself."

    This was news to Gohan. As much as he's seen and heard of and about Mr. Satan, not once had he heard of him having a daughter. Well, she sure looked a whole lot different than what he pictured could come from those genes, thank God too. The man had some weird hair and wasn't the best looking either. She though, she was stunning. Besides that scowl that she now had on for some reason, she was magnificent in his eyes.


    "Huh? Oh, sorry. Didn't mean to stare. Just uh.."

    "Hey there buddy. Lay off will ya. You may be a prince, but Videl is mine, ya got that." Sharpner raised his voice to Gohan, which was normal for the uptight Blond. Being an Boxer, he was usually on the offensive, and he was no different with women.

    "Hey. I am NOT yours. Why can't you get that through that thick head of yours already. I think you've taken one too many blows to the head. Maybe you should keep your arms up instead of going in for a finisher once in a while, you might not lose as many brain cells."

    "Ah, it looks like you get special treatment today Gohan. It's your first day and you get front row seats to the daily Talk show. How grand." Erasa was used to this sort of babble between the two. She knew that Sharpner truly was joking every time he talked like this. He really held feelings for her but always tried for Videl because he knew he could never have her.

    "Well I guess today's starting to look up after all. Thankfully I avoided the newspaper today. That wouldn't have been a fun way to spend my first day."

    "Oh, and how did you avoid them anyways? I'm pretty sure they had the front entrance pretty much on lock down." Gohan probably shouldn't have mentioned that. That was a bit too much information. Suspicions were arising and he wasn't even there for more what had to be ten minutes at the most.

    "Umm, I used the uh...Umm...The roof?"

    "And how did you get up there?"

    "I was dropped off. Davis saw the crowd down below and landed on the roof." He quickly put that little bit together. He knew Davis would gladly cover for him if he asked. So, 'lying' to Erasa shouldn't be such a problem.

    "Oh, right. You probably have like the best jet copter money could buy, don't you." Gohan rubbed the back of his head grinned. That one he knew he didn't have to answer, thankfully.

    He went basically unnoticed for the rest of the first class period. Besides the fact that the girl with those amazing blue eyes kept staring at him. He would shake it off for a little bit and then turn his head some to try and ignore it. But she was too persistent. She kept her eyes on him for the whole period. It was quite unnerving. It made him feel like he was back at the castle, where he was being watched 24/7 like a hawk.


    "So, Mr. Uh..."

    "Son. It's Son Gohan sir. I'd like to keep the whole being a Prince thing under wraps if you don't mind." Gohan whispered.

    "Ah, yes I see, Mr. Son. I was just wondering how you enjoyed my class. Too my knowledge, that was your first public school class period ever. Is that correct?"

    "Yea, that's right. And I thought it was pretty cool. Though I like Science a bit more than math, but it was a nice way to start off the day. I really enjoyed it. Also, I never got to properly thank you for helping me out this morning." Gohan bowed his head to his first ever Public School teacher.

    "I'm pleased to hear that. And there's no need to thank me. I was just doing my job. And there's no need for you to bow to me. If anything I should be bowing down to you your highness." He lightly bowed with a hand to his chest.

    "Come on, please. That's no necessary. Really. I don't want to draw so much attention today. It's bad enough they dedicated a whole news hour to me going to school yesterday. I don't want to draw any paparazzi into the school. I wouldn't be able to enjoy coming to school if it were like that. So, if it's not so much of a problem can I ask you just call me Gohan. And nothing else? No Prince, no Your Highness, and no references to the Ox Kingdom please. I want people to like me for who I am, not who they think I am."

    "Hmm. I get what you're saying. I understand your position on this. I guess it would be hard to make true friends if they just liked you for who you were related to. Well anyways, you better be heading off to your next class now. By the way, what do you have next if you don't mind me asking?"

    Gohan took out his crumpled schedule and unfolded it. "Hmm, let's see here. Umm, it says here that I have..oh."

    "Oh? What class?" Gohan showed him the paper. "Ah History. I see. Well I guess your going to have fun today young Gohan. Good luck on the rest of your first day of public school and I hope to see you here at the same time tomorrow."

    Gohan sighed and dropped his head down. "Great, history. I have a feeling this isn't going to be my favorite class."


    End Chapter 1

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    He absolutely detested the fact that he had a History class this semester. What were the possibilities of that happening? Seriously, he couldn't have much worse luck. There was no doubt in his mind that there would be a change in plans due to his sudden appearance in the class.

    Trying to find the class seemed like quite the task. He was on the fourth floor of the large building where he assumed classes in the 400 range were at. Class 492. Gohan roamed around the halls for a little bit going back and forth to make sure he didn't miss a class. He was almost certain that he had passed by every single class on the fourth level and there was no 492. Maybe his schedule was wrong?

    "Might as well ask around again. Jeez, it's going to be like this all day isn't it? This place is huge." He wandered around until he found a security guard checking the halls for students that were late for class. "Excuse me? Miss?"

    The middle aged woman with blond hair wearing a baseball cap turned around to the face the boy dressed in white. "Your late for class. The second bell has already rung. By the time I turn my back you better start running to your class before I have to write you up."

    "Huh? Late? No actually, the thing is I'm lost. I don't know where my next class is and I was wondering if you could help me find it." He quickly showed her the paper. "It says my next class is in 492, but I'm up here on the fourth floor and I don't see it anywhere."

    After a quick laugh the security guard gave the schedule back to the boy with the odd hair. "Yup, you're definitely a new kid. Ya see, here's the thing with that History class. It's actually back on the first floor. Mr. Marx will surely explain it to you when you get there. I'll write you a pass that will allow you in class even though your late." Taking out a small sheet of pink paper, she scribbled something down on the paper and looked back up the child. "Umm, kid? I need your name so when he checks his attendance sheet he'll be able to excuse you for being late." She explained.

    "Oh, my name?" He didn't know what to do now. From what had happened in his first class he found out his Royal name was being used, but he really wanted to avoid the issue. "Son Gohan." It wasn't a lie. But to the school system it might have been.

    After filling in the blanks she ripped off the paper and handed it to the Prince and pointed him back towards the stairs. He quickly ran down 4 flights and was back on the first floor of the school. Now to find room 492 and find out why it was on the first floor.

    He wandered around until he finally found himself feet away from the front entrance to the school. There were still reporters outside awaiting his arrival. They were persistent and really wanted a story. He pondered the thought of opening the door and telling them to leave, he knew they weren't allowed on school grounds during operation hours, so he could just tease them if he wanted to. Jeez, Goten was really rubbing off on him wasn't it? The little tyke was always seen messing around in the Castle.

    Shaking his head and continued his search for the room and stopped at the first door. In big bold numbers unlike the rest of the school was the number 492 smack right on the top of the door. He mentally scolded himself for missing this on his search for his first period class earlier in the day.

    He stood outside the door for a minute and took in a deep breathe. Raising his right arm he was just going to knock on the door light enough to keep it on it's hinges. He exhaled, and...

    "Yes? Maybe I help you with something?" Without him noticing Mr. Marx, the history teacher opened the door and greeted him. Gohan lowered his arm and bowed.

    "Oh yes, sorry. I'm new here and according to my schedule this is my second class." Once again he pulled out his schedule just to be sure. 'Something about this guy just tells me I'm not going to like History very much.' Gohan couldn't help but put his right foot back, the way this guy was staring at him was quite intimidating and nothing like what he thought a teacher was supposed to be like.

    "Your name?" Mr. Marx pulled out the newspaper he had laid out on each student's desk for today's discussion. Just as Gohan feared, it was the report on him from the previous day.

    "M-my name?"

    "Yes, Son, your name. you do have one, don't you?" The tall teacher kept his eyes scanning the paper, reading the report the department had done on his newest student.

    "It's, uh, Gohan sir. Son Gohan." Hopefully he wouldn't run into the same problem he did in his first period class. Mr. Marx lowered his newspaper and held it to his side before readjusting his glasses.

    "That's what it says. Welcome to class 492. Now, seeing as your late, I assume no one told you before hand that my class was down here on the first floor. Now let me explain something about this room and why it's down here. Now come inside so I can explain.

    Gohan was a bit suspicious about what was written in that report as he never got the chance to read it, but he assumed that somewhere in there was a picture of him using his real name, and not 'Oxford', the name he's referred to by his grandfather's subordinates.

    He entered entered the room behind the teacher who walked up the board and started writing on the board. "Floor. 1." He recited as wrote it on the left. "Room. 4, 9, 2."He wrote on the right.

    "Now class, we have a new student joining us today, and I don't think I have to tell you what that means. We must inform Mr. Son here about how important History is. Now, Mr. Son, is there anything about what's on the board that looks of even the slightest importance?"

    "Hmm, I find it odd how you worded the first part. 'Floor 1.' When you could have written 'first floor', with just words and no numbers. So that's the first thing that jumps out. Next there's the room number for this class and where's it's located. It's on the first floor, but it's classroom Four Hundred and Ninety Two. Very strange seeing as every other class I've walked by is numbered in correct order by floor and placement." He put his hand to his chin as he thought this out some more.

    "Ah, you're very quick. So it is true what they say about you after all. Not much gets past you Mr. Son, does it? Now, have you figured out the connection between where this class is located and the number of the room yet?" He raised an eyebrow as the boy started walking up to the board and picked up the eraser and marker. He began to erase the word 'First' and 'Room' from the board.

    "One. Four Hundred Ninety Two." Gohan recited.

    "Now put them together." Gohan looked back his new teacher with a look of confusion. "Put them together." He reiterated while gesturing with his hands to the board.

    'Put them together? How? Should I add them? 493? Can't be. Has to do with where the class is. I'll start with the one. Maybe if I rearrange the numbers somehow? 1942? 9421? 2194? These can't be it. There's more to what he said then what I'm thinking.'

    Gohan stood at the board thinking as he stared at the board intently. "Just put them together. It's quite simple." Mr. Marx repeated.

    'Just put them together?' He looked to the left side where the number 1 was. Then to the right where the number 492 was. 'Can it be? Is it really that simple?' He took another moment to ponder the thought before he erased both sides of the board and turned to face the intimidating teacher.

    "You've figured it out I assume?" Gohan nodded. "Tell me what you found out."

    "Well, Where do I begin? Actually, begin being the key word. You said to put them together. At first I thought you meant to put them together by some sort of math procedure, by adding them. But that didn't make any sense. But you mentioned that the numbers have something to do with where the class is located. It's on the first floor. 1. And it's the first classroom in the building. The beginning." He paused to take a breathe.

    "Now that leave the number 492 to question and putting it together with the number 1. After some thought I figured you meant that in a literal sense. You had them arranged on the left and right side for a reason. So I put the numbers together and got Fourteen Ninety Two."

    "And what significance does that number play in history? Class, if you will?"

    "In 1492, Columbus Sailed The Ocean Blue." The class recited in unison.

    "Good class. Now, Mr. Son. I expect you know the significance of this poem?" He eyed the young boy who seemed to be enjoying himself at the expense of killing time for class.

    "Of course. That's the year Columbus discovered the new world."


    "And what?

    "You see Gohan. May I call you by your first name? You see, everything has to start somewhere. Whether it's the building of a new landmark, starting of a war, or finding a new land. Everything has a beginning. 1492 was the beginning of a New World." Gohan had an idea where this was going with the whole beginning shtick.

    "You know now why this classroom is located where it is, right?" Gohan nodded and added the trademarked Son Smile. "Good. You've passed your first test."

    Gohan titled his head to the right. "A test?"



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    "Yes. Everyone who enters my classroom must first understand the importance of history before I can teach them anything about it. So I give them a test to see how many people are yearning to learn about history. The test is usually on a sheet of paper, but none the less it is very similar. I give them a copy of what I wrote here on the board for you and they have the entire first class they have with me to figure out the same question I presented to you. And if they don't pass the first time, they have to take it over until they get it right." He took a moment to pause and examine the boy over some.

    "I'm quite pleased that the Ox Kingdom raises such intellectual children. How you begin your school career is entirely up to you and I look forward to being your History teacher, I can see there's much promise in you. But I am curious about something. Why is it that you are not wearing your usual attire for the weekdays? According to this paper, your formal attire for this day is a yellow tunic with green sleeves." He tossed the paper over to Gohan who looked as embarrassed as he possibly could have been, his cheeks a bright shade of red.

    He held the paper upright masking his face as he bent it down in shame. 'They actually caught me wearing this thing? So embarrassing.' He lifted his head up and rolled the paper up in his hand. "I'm sorry to disappoint you Mr. Marx, but I don't even let any of my long time friends see me in that outfit. In all honesty, I only wear it at times to please my mom." The dark haired Prince looked just about flushed from embarrassment. But for some reason he didn't mind it. The teacher wasn't making that big of a deal over who he was and he treated him like he did the rest of his class.

    "Ah, I see. You may be a Prince, but you're still a boy." The tall teacher turned his attention to his class and reached Gohan over to his side and pat his back. " Anyways I would like to once again say welcome to our school. Class! I'd like to introduce our newest student here at Orange Star, Son Gohan of the Ox Kingdom."

    'Well, throw that first impression down the drain.' Gohan rolled his eyes. He waited for the 'oohs' and 'awes' and the whispers that usually came with that sort of introduction. He was confused but glad that they never came. The class just stared back at him with emotionless expression. Treating him like any other student.

    "Now Mr. Son. Would you like to tell the class something about yourself?" It wasn't a moment later that he interrupted. "Actually, I have something I am hoping you can answer for me." said Mr. Marx

    "Ok then, shoot."

    "Well, you are near the age of 14 I assume as you are in this class. So, my question to you is this. Why is it that the first time the world hears of your existence was 3 years ago and not when you were born? You are of Royal Descent and I assume the birth of a Prince would be big news."

    "I-I'd rather not say. I'm, I'm sorry." Mr. Marx as well as the rest of class noticed how the new kid's attitude just pulled a 180 and turned around. The History teacher knew he just strummed the wrong string.

    "My my, it seems I've opened up a book tucked away. I'm sorry if something I said has saddened you your Highness. Please accept my apologies." Gohan wiped his dry eyes and looked up.

    "It's alright, there's no need to apologize. It's my fault anyways. I'd like to take my seat now if you don't have anymore questions." He quickly scanned the room and didn't recognize a single person from his first period. That just meant he'd have to branch out and meet new people. He spotted one seat open in between to guys in the 2nd to last row.

    "Oh yes, again I'm deeply sorry if I said something that upset you on your first day here. Go ahead and find yourself a seat wherever you can and we'll continue on with our lesson."

    Gohan walked up the aisle, trying to get back into that excited mood he was in while solving the riddle. He didn't want to seem like an emotional wreck in front of his peers on his first day. He quickly found himself standing at the outside of the 2nd to last row. He found the seat between the kids boys and swiftly navigated his way to the seat.

    "Is this seat taken?" He asked the two separated students.

    "Yea sure whatever."

    "Take it." Neither seemed to enthusiastic about Gohan being there. Nothing like the girl from his first class. They were quite the opposite.

    "Thanks? I guess." Gohan sat down and didn't feel quite as ambitious as he was before. The aura around these two just seemed so, dull. Neither looked like they wanted to be there let alone be friends. Gohan decided to open up the newspaper that was laid out on everyone's desk and see what the press was saying about him.

    'Hmm. Not much in here really. Prince 3 years ago. Blah blah blah. Little brother. Never seen with father. Jerks.' They didn't say many nice things about him, then again there wasn't much that was known about him. He read on.

    'There is no known reason as to why the young Prince chose Orange Star as his school of choice, but we do know this. He had better bring his 'A' game if he wants to stand a chance at the premier school. Pfft. That math class is about 10 years too late to even grab my interest.' The newspaper as a whole wasn't very informative and didn't have many good sources to fill in the holes from. He crumbled the paper in his hand and made sure neither of the two kids next to him were paying attention.

    With the ball of paper in his hand he rested his head on his chin to make it look like nothing was going on. He stared out the window and within a second the paper was reduced to ashes. He switches hands and leaned his head on the hand that burned the paper. He looked on and listened in to the teacher talk about the Ox Kingdom and random 'facts' about it's history.

    Gohan figured he could sleep through this period seeing as he knew everything that was being talked about. In his 3 years as the Prince his grandfather had given him quite the History lesson about the land he ruled over. He was just about to doze off when the subject of something particularly recent came up.

    "And so the Ox King was trapped outside of his castle for a number of years. It is said that out of a pit of anger the Ox King used his mighty axe and out out the flames, all the while destroying his castle. So, what have we learned from this little piece of history class?"

    Gohan, hefted himself up from his seat and proudly called for the attention of the class. "Excuse me sir? If it's not a problem I'd like to correct you on what you just went over." Everyone turned their eyes over to the new kid, the person they were supposed to be head over heals by the fact that he had chosen their school.

    "Oh, and what is it exactly you would like to revise?"

    "Well for one, my grandfather doesn't have a temper and wouldn't ever do something so reckless. Two, he's not strong enough to destroy his castle just with his axe. I don't think he ever was that strong come to think of it." Gohan explained

    "Really now? And just what did your grandfather tell you about how the fire was put out and how his castle was destroyed?" Mr. Marx lowered his glasses over the bridge of his nose and put down the paper in his hand.

    "Actually no. My dad told me what happened."

    "Hmm. That is interesting. You're father has not been seen in a very long time as I recall. It's been how many years since the 23rd Budokai Tekaichi? Almost 15 years now if I'm not mistaken? How is your father doing by the way?"

    "Wh-bu-How? How do you know all of that?" Gohan was at a loss for words. How this man knew so much about him was unfathomable. Not many people knew so much about him. Only a select few knew this much about him, let alone his late father.

    "Please your Highness. Give me some credit. I am a History teacher after all. There's not one bit of information out there that isn't interesting to me. I like to know about my students before hand. Usually I schedule a meeting with the family of the student during the summer or during one of the breaks where we often get some new students. But that seemed like a highly improbably situation with you. So I did all the research I could on the name 'Son.' Now if you don't mind. Please go ahead and say what you were going to say before I jumped in."

    'Who, who is this guy? There's no way he can know that much about my family. Well, at least he didn't blow the whole 'Your dad won the 23rd Martial Arts Championship and was a great fighter' thing out of proportion. No one seems to have any clue what we're talking about.'

    "Right. As I was saying. My grandfather couldn't have put out the fire because, well plain and simple he couldn't. Only one person at that time had the ability to do that. Master Roshi."

    The whole class gasped all in unison as the teacher had to shake his head out of shock. Had they heard that right? The turtle hermit put out the magical fire? Why did no one know of this?

    "Dude. You're kidding me right? The Turtle Hermit was born like a couple hundred years ago according to his biography. How could he have possibly done that? He should be dead by now shouldn't he?" It was one of those two gloomy kids he was seated in between. He had wavy black hair that came down to his eyebrows.

    "What do you mean? I saw him not too long ago?" He thought for a moment. "Well, actually it's been like 3 years since I last saw the old guy. But he's definitely not dead. He's alive and well."

    "Ok ok ok. So even if The Turtle Hermit was still alive, and I'm not saying he is. How could he have possibly put out the magical flames around the Ox King's castle?" Everyone honed in on Gohan as he was about to reveal what really happened.

    "One word. Kamehameha."


    End Chapter 2

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    Gohan walked out of the classroom a bit confused. Everyone started laughing when he mentioned the Kamehameha wave, including the teacher. Why would they laugh about that? He was just telling the truth. Maybe they thought it sounded funny? No, that couldn't be it. At times it was the scariest chanting of syllables to whomever was on the wrong side of it.

    "Yo Prince Boy, where you headed?" Gohan turned his head around and saw the two guys he was stuck in between in History were following him, Skye and Jesse. Skye was the more outgoing one of the two. They seemed to be on level with each other, they evened each other out well. Skye aspired to be an actor while Jesse was into making 3D art.

    "Oh hey. Where am I going? Um, let me see here." He brought out his crumpled up schedule, which by this point was in danger of being ripped by how many times it had been folded to stay in his pockets. "Uh, it says here I have, oh God." He stopped walking and looked up to the ceiling as he sent his silent prayer up to the skies as he brought his palm over his face.

    Skye and Jesse spared each other confused looks as they both sweat dropped over the shift in attitude their new 'friend' just made. Skye grabbed the paper out of Gohan's hand and brought it to his face. "What's so bad about this? We have Personal Fitness next."

    "We? Gohan whimpered.

    "Yea, we. Me and Jesse are in the class the too. It's pretty fun at times. Coach makes us run a lot and has us do warm ups before he lets us play around though. I think he's too into his job if you ask me." The three kids started walking and talking a bit. The subject at hand was about History and what happened.

    "So, Gohan, right?" He nodded "What was all that about in class back there? You know, trying to talk about all that magic and stuff. You don't believe in all of that do you?" Jesse finally spoke up. He was more soft spoken than Skye, he usually kept his opinions to himself, but Gohan was an interesting character that didn't come by too often.

    "Magic? Oh. You mean the Kamehameha Wave don't you?" Skye and Jesse started chuckling to themselves. "What's so funny? Come on, won't someone tell me why everyone was laughing earlier?"

    "Dude, Turtle Destruction Wave? It's hilarious. It has to be some sort of joke if not some sort of magic trick." When Gohan first mentioned Kamehameha in class, everyone broke out into laughter and didn't stop even after the bell had rung when the class ended. Gohan stood over his seat confused. He couldn't understand why people were laughing, but now it made sense. No one in his class had ever actually seen the Kamehameha, so they assumed it was some sort of trickery. And it translated into something funny.

    "Come on now Skye, if the Prince wants to believe in magic then let him. I think he made quite an impression so far on his first day. Although, I do want to warn you of something your highness." He joked, the mention of Gohan's title obviously bothered him, so his new 'friends' were going to abuse it until it wasn't a problem, or at least until the whole school knew about him.

    "You're not going to tell him about--"

    "Yup. Gohan. I'm going to tell you something that's going to sound a bit weird, but believe me, it's 100% true and you gotta listen." The three stopped in the middle of the hallway as a couple more students started gathering around. A girl from Gohan's first class had overheard the conversation and gathered a couple of her friends around. Soon enough, a good crowd was gathered around the three even though every student in the school knew about what was being talked about.

    "Alright, I'm listening. What is it Jesse?" The crowd around the kids went silent as the subject at hand was not a joke.

    "It's about our History Teacher, Mr. Marx. I know you could tell just by looking at him. He's an odd guy. He knew a lot of stuff about you before you even walked through the doors today. He's a strange guy and you should watch out for him. He has quite a back story that might be hard to believe." Gohan listened intently, not wanting to miss out on a single detail of the story.

    "Dude just get on with it already." Skye interrupted. "The guys a nut! He's a stalker and he's crazy. Every time there's word around the school of a new student, he makes it his obligation to learn as much as he can about the kid. He learns things about the student that should be private information, you may have noticed that about some of the things he knew about you. Why do you think everyone was quiet in his class for the most part? We all know he'll use something against us to embarrass us."

    "No one even knows how he finds out all the stuff he knows, but he finds it. He's a freak. Rumor has it that he scared off his wife because he found out about some things about her past that she found disturbing." by this time in the story, ha;f the circle dissipated as most thought of the latter half a bunch of garbage and baseless rumors.

    "Right. Thanks for the story guys, but I think I'll be ok." Gohan decided to start walking off when Skye grabbed his shoulder. He tried to turn him back around, but something was holding him back.

    'Dude, this kid is like a boulder.' He let go when Gohan turned his head back. "Gohan, this isn't a joke. I'm telling you, as a friend, that you should avoid Mr. Marx at all costs. And whatever you do, try and keep a low profile. He finds out about everything that goes on around here somehow."

    The crowd of students gathered around had all let the area, the bell was about to ring for the next class to begin, and no one wanted to be late. Skye and Jesse led Gohan to the Gym where Personal Fitness was being held this week. Every other week the class was inside the school. Every week they weren't inside they were in the school yard either on the track, running till they dropped, or playing random sports like Baseball or Soccer. Football was prohibited due to too many injuries and Basketball was played inside the Gym.

    "Come on, we better get to the changing room before we're late for the easiest class ever." For any class that involved physical activity the students were given an extra 5-10 minutes to get ready for class depending on how lenient the coach was being that day. Today was a Monday, so more than likely the class would be given the extra time cause no one liked to get up for Mondays.

    The three boys arrived at the locker room. Skye and Jesse started getting changed into more loose fitting clothes and out of their daily wear. In the room were many small lockers, enough for a football team. In one corner of the are was a small room behind a glass door, the coaches room. All the gear needed for any of the major sports practiced at the school were held in there when not being used. Gohan took a peak into the window and saw all the sports balls neatly laid on racks.

    Skye had finished changing into his gym clothes. He was wearing a tight fitting black shirt that soaked up sweat and some basketball shorts. He was just about to head out and into the gym when he saw Gohan was still in his school clothes. "Hey dude. Crazy hair." No response. "Gohan." The Prince turned his head around. "Yo, aren't you going to change into something more comfortable? We usually do a lot of running in gym. If you wear that to gym you'll be wreaking of sweat for the rest of the day."

    "Huh? Oh, I guess it slipped my mind to bring an extra set of clothes. I wasn't expecting anything like this. I guess I'll just wear this for today. It shouldn't be a problem. I'll be fine." Gohan followed Skye out the door. Jesse was still changing, he wore quite a bit of small jewelry. It was a safe bet that he lived quite comfortably. If anyone had actually inspected the earring he wore, they could easily tell that it was cut from real Diamond, and not Cubic Zirconium. He also wore a 24k Gold chain around his neck as well as a matching bracelet. Jesse took off all of his jewelry and followed the two out the door and into the Gym.

    Gohan put his hand on the door handle and was about to open the door when Skye decided to once again warn him. "Fair warning bro, coach is a brute. He's not at all a nice guy and will push you till you drop if he sees you're not putting in sufficient effort into his class. So no matter what, always look like you going at 110% when he's here. He doesn't often use his sick days, even when it's obvious he shouldn't be at school. I think he liked tormenting his students."

    "Doesn't sound too hard. I think I can do that."

    "Alright then, let's go. After you, my Prince." Jesse smacked the back of Skye's head for the rude comment. "Dude!"

    "Thanks Jesse. I owe you one."

    "No problem. Just tell me if this idiot gets on your nerves with that line. I can already tell he's going to push it to it's absolute last breathe. You have to make him stop doing some things, he's easily influenced to overkill a bad joke. But I keep him in line." Jesse assured. as they walked in the gym.

    The large room had blue padding on the walls and had 6 retractable Basketball Hoops hanging up. None of which were down on this day. Which had some of the students wondering what they were going to be doing today. The previous week they played 5 on 5 games using the whole court.

    Gohan was looking all about the gym and saw all the flags posted up on the walls. The school apparently had a very track team and was one of the best in the country when it came to Soccer. Gohan was amazed at how many Division Champions flags were up on the wall. There was one for every year for the past 12 years. He was twisting and turning when a loud and rough voice echoed throughout the gym.



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    "Alright, listen up maggots! Line up against the wall so I can attendance! Hop to it, I've given you all enough time to wake up and get your blood pumping." This was Coach Rush. Gohan stared at the tall and well built man with a bit of ferocity in his eyes. From the back he looked like someone he knew for less than a day, but took away a lot from him. Memories jumped out at him and flooded his head as he snarled, but low enough for no one to hear it. Skye noticed the grin on his face and took a step back.

    "Woa, you alright there buddy? Something wrong?" he asked as he hesitantly put a hand on Gohan's shoulder. Gohan began to calm down and started a deep breathing exercise to calm his nerves.

    "It's nothing. The coach just looks like someone I knew long ago."

    "And hated, I assume at least from the looks your giving him."

    "It's fine. I just get a bad feeling about him is all. It's probably just me though." The subject was dropped as they went and lined up with the rest of the class against the wall. Gohan stuck out like a sore thumb in his all white attire and tall, dark hair.

    "Hey you! Over there in the white. I don't recognize you as one of my students. Are you sure you're in the right place boy? You look lost, you're not even dressed for this class." Coach Cash barked and pointed for Gohan to come forward. All the girls started whispering and gossiping about the new kid. Some of them had seen him in the halls earlier when Skye and Jesse were explaining something. Others had a class with him earlier.

    "State your name son." He pulled out his clipboard and looked over the names on the list.

    "Um, it's S-Son Gohan sir." He stuttered. This man was quit intimidating for a school gym coach. What was with this school and attracting people like this. All three of his teachers so far had this elitist attitude. Mr. Hiroshi was a little better than the other two, he was nice, but he still held himself proud and tall. None of the three seemed to tolerate slackers though.

    "Hm. Son, Son, Son. I don't see a Son Gohan here on my list. Leave the gym now. You're obvi--"

    "Oxford." The prince squealed.

    "Hm? Come again?"

    "My, I sometimes go by Oxford." The boy rolled his eyes at his Grandpa's family names. He detested every time he was referred to as Oxford in front of his Grandpa's subordinates. He always corrected them, and told them to call him by his real name, but they always ignored it for the sake of the Kingdom's name.

    "Oxford? As in the from the Ox Kingdom? You're him?" The tall coach started chuckling, chuckles turned to snickering, which soon became a loud laughter which quickly echoed through out the gym. "You're him? Ha. And here I was thinking I was going to get another big guy in my class. But instead, standing here before me is a little kid, lean and thin. I heard rumors that you were built like an Ox like your dear old grandpa. I guess some rumors are just fables."

    "I guess so."

    "whatever. Back on the wall with ya. I can't believe I cleaned place up just for a weak kid like you. Forget the fact that you're not dressed properly for my class, I doubt that you'll be able to keep up."

    Gohan ignored the insults and walked back to the wall. He noticed the whole class staring back at him as he was walking. Most of the guys were wearing short sleeve shirts and some wearing muscle shirts, but all wearing shorts and tennis shoes. The girls all had their hair either pulled back or in a pony tail to keep from getting in the way when they ran. He scanned everyone over. There were some familiar faces from earlier in this class. It was almost a mix of his previous two with some new faces in between.

    One small group caught his eyes over to his far right. There was the cheery girl from earlier and the uptight boy with long hair who she said was a boxer. And next to him was. 'Oh God she's here too. And she's staring at me again like she wants to kill me. What's up with her?' He put his back to the wall where he stood in between Skye and Jesse and sighed.

    "You alright dude? You look like something just freaked you the hell out."

    "It's nothing Skye. Just, it's that one girl over there with the pigtails. I had math class with her earlier and she just stared at me like I was some sort of demon. Just now I saw her doing it again. I just want to know why." Skye peered his head over to the left and didn't see anyone staring. "Other way." He turned again and then immediately knew who Gohan was talking about.

    "Oh Videl? She does that to the new kids. Don't worry, it'll pass. She just likes to get to know people, whether she forces it out of them or they eventually give in to her stare and crack under peer pressure. But you got nothing to worry about. She's nothing like Mr. Marx, I'll tell you that, but you should look out for her. She is nice, but you just gotta get to know her first."

    "Right. I'll take note of that." The coach was done taking attendance and threw his clipboard over into a corner of the room, making a loud clanging sound.

    "Alright you maggots. Since I was wrong in my assumption about who was going to be joining us in class today, I don't know if we should do what I had planned. I originally thought I would test you maggots and put you through some physical labor." he pointed over towards a set of weights and a bench press seat in the opposite corner of where he threw his clipboard.

    "I guess we're just going to have a free day. Do whatever you want. I'll go grab the Basketballs and Footballs." Coach Rush left and came back a couple minutes later hefting two large bags over his shoulders, which he threw onto the ground in front of him. The students ran for the bags and reached for the sports ball they wanted. Coach Rush walked towards The far right corner of the Gym and took out his key. He inserted it into a socket and twisted. As he did this the 6 Basketball hoops lowered so the students could shoot some hoops.

    Within seconds Basketballs and Footballs were flying through the air in every direction. Skye and Jesse were tossing the football around. Jesse looked for Gohan in the crowd, he was wandering around aimlessly, it looked like he was walking over towards the weights. He tossed the ball back to Skye and gestured over to where Gohan was. When Skye had the ball he plotted a devious plan to mess with their new friend. "Yo Gohan! Heads Up!"

    The ball was more than halfway to it's target before he spoke those words. Gohan still had his back turned as if he didn't hear a thing. "YO GOHAN! HEADS UP!" The ball was inches from Gohan when he suddenly caught the ball with his left hand at the back of his head. Skye's and Jesse's and the rest of everyone else's who turned to see Gohan after Skye screamed, jaws dropped.

    Gohan brought the ball to his face and turned to face the origin of the ball. He lightly tossed it back to Sky who was too dumbfounded to catch it and let it hit him in the chest and fall to the ground. "Woa. Skye you see that? Uh, Skye? Sk. Idiot." Jesse walked over to Gohan who was once again being stared at by the majority of the class.

    "Gohan that was amazing! How the heck did you do that?" Gohan was looking over the weight set Coach Rush intended on using. None of it looked very productive to a good workout. Everything looked to just increase muscles mass. He lightly kicked the metal on it and accidentally put a dent in it.

    "Huh? What do you mean? Skye through the ball and I caught it. Isn't that what I was supposed to do?"

    "Well yea, but, still, you. Ah never mind, just know that that was crazy. You gotta teach me how to do that. "Unbeknown to Gohan or Jesse, a group of three had made their way over to where Gohan was standing.

    "Yea Prince Boy, mind sharing with us just exactly how you pulled that one off?" To his left was the boy with long hair from his math class showing off his physique in a muscle shirt.

    "I really don't know what you guys mean? I just caught the ball."

    "Yea with your back turned. And you caught it right before it was going to hit you in the back of the head. Explain that!" Farther to his left, next to the one in the muscle shirt was the girl with the pigtails who was constantly staring at him. She had her arms folded against her chest and pouted like she meant business.

    "Um, I guess it was luck." Gohan started scratching the back of his head in the only way he knew how.

    "Yea, good luck. More like--"

    "AMAZING! That was awesome Gohan." Erasa squealed, interrupting her pouty friend. "That was so cool. Ignore these two, they're just jealous that they couldn't do that."

    "Yea whatever E. Forget about it. What are you doing over here by the weight anyways? Were you actually planning on using these?" Sharpner pushed.

    "Use these? Never. These won't do anyone any good. They may look like they'll do you good. But they'll only help you increase muscle mass. And that'll just you down. A good workout is done the old fashioned way. Push ups, sit ups, running and meditating." Gohan explained as he gave another light kick to the weights. Putting yet another dent in the weights, small and unnoticeable though.



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    "Meditating? How will that do you any good?" asked the girl in the pigtails. Gohan was about to answer when Skye joined the group still amazed that Gohan had caught the football. The rest of the class by this point had gotten back into their free play period.

    "Dude how did you do that!?" Gohan rolled his eyes. He just answered this question like 3 times. But he remembered what Jesse told him earlier, how Skye was, so he let it go.

    "It was nothing. But as I was about to say. Meditation. Every sound athlete must be fit physically and psychologically to perform at their absolute peak. If your mind is sound and clear then you won't have anything holding you back. It's simple really."

    The group standing in front of him, they were each confused. None of them had ever once tried meditation, nor have they ever heard of using it as a method to help them in sports.

    "Dude, what are you talking about? Meditation? How is that going to help me knock someone out?" Sharpner was a boxer, but he didn't understand the concept of keeping a steady mind.

    "What do you mean? It's not all about knocking your opponents out. What happens when you're not winning? Meditation is a useful way to keep a clear mind even when you're down. I'm not lying. I'm just saying that it's a good way to help build up your mind. Since you're a boxer I suggest you meditate, or at least give it a shot. A strong fighter needs a strong mind."

    Gohan was just about done explaining himself when Sharpner decided to test Gohan's theory out, he surprised everyone and threw a punch towards Gohan's face. Gohan stood his ground. Sharpner stopped just inches short of Gohan's face. He waited for Gohan to jump out of the way or try to defend himself but it never came. he just stood there with the same expression he had on seconds before.

    "Dude. Why didn't you move? What the hell is wrong with you? I could've hit you, what then?"

    "I didn't move because I kept a sound mind. I could tell you weren't going to follow through all the way. I saw how poor your form was, clearly you ignored all practice you've had and just decided to test a theory. If you had actually followed through then I would have moved."

    Sharpner wasn't pleased with the answer he received, He pushed back his friends and moved them away. "Well this time I'm not holding back. HYAH!" He threw his first punch which was dodged easily. He paused for a minute and got back into form as he threw a flurry of punches aiming for Gohan's head. Each one of them missed his head by a hair, but none of them were even close to hitting him. "Stand still already! Quit dodging!"

    He continued his meaningless assault as Gohan continued dodging as if it was nothing. After about a minute of ducking and dodging he got tired of dancing the same old dance and threw his right hand up and caught Sharpner's right hand. Sharpner then threw a left cook and Gohan caught it with his left hand. Sharpner was now twisted up and unable to move his arms.

    "Wh-what the hell? How? How the hell are you doing this? I couldn't even hit you once." He struggled to free his arms and started tugging. He fell back a couple steps as Gohan let go of both of his arms.

    "Dude, Gohan that was amazing. Where the hell did you learn to do that? He couldn't even hit you once. And Sharpner's one of the best Boxers in the school. He's the team captain, and he couldn't even lay a finger on you. How'd you do that?" Skye, Jesse and Erasa were all over Gohan asking him questions. Well, Erasa was more along the lines of ogling over him leaning her arm and head on his shoulder.

    Gohan tried to lightly shove her off, but she held a tight grip, and he didn't want to hurt her, so he let her be. "Well, it's like I was saying. Meditation. It's a good way to keep a clear mind. I was able to stay calm and not worry about where his punches were being thrown. Instead I picked up on his tendencies and avoided. It's pretty simple once you get the hang of it really."

    "It didn't look like it was so simple from over here Mr. Prince. Now explain just how you were able to do that and not even break a sweat. Heck, you decided when you were done dodging and easily caught his arms. How do you explain that?" There were those deep blue eyes again, glaring daggers right back at him. He couldn't help but compare her to his mom. She was so intimidating, not that he was actually scared of her, she couldn't do anything to hurt him, but it was still intimidating that she could hold such a glare.

    "Well, first, can you guys please stop calling me Prince, or Your Highness. The point of not wearing my Tunic was to keep a low profile. Not that the whole class doesn't already know, but still. I don't want to be talked to like I'm higher than anyone else. And second, I just said, Medi-"

    "Yea yea yea meditation bologna. You would still need some sort of training in fighting to do what you just did. So who trained you?" Videl wanted to get to the bottom of this.

    "Um, trained me? To fight? Um, my dad and his friends taught me self defense if that's what you mean. But I've never learned to hurt another. Only to protect myself." He couldn't say too much about his training, it would be an obvious give away.

    "Hmph, yea sure, whatever you say Your Highness." Videl mocked. She was done with this conversation. She went back over to Sharpner as they went to join the Basketball game going on in between the class.

    The group left now was Gohan, Skye, Jesse and Erasa. They had a whole period to do whatever, so they took the time to get to know their new friend.

    "So, cutie. What made you pick this school out of every other school in the world? I mean, don't they have a school where you live? It's gotta be quite a ride just to get here everyday."

    "Well, I really didn't care where I went. But my mom insisted I go somewhere we had friends, just in case. And we know some people who live in the city, so I can go to their houses after school if I was too tired to come home." He answered half of her question.

    "Ah, that sounds like a good plan. You really thought it out I guess. But you didn't answer my other question. Why not go to school back at the Ox Kingdom? They have schools over there, don't they?"

    "Oh, well yea, there are schools, but I didn't come to school for an education. I could do that on my own."

    "Then why did you come here?"

    Gohan rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment of what he was about to say. This was about as uncomfortable as he's been all day, even through the stares of Videl and the creepy tendencies of Mr. Marx. This was the question he was hoping to avoid as long as possible. But he already felt a good enough connection to this group.

    "Well, the truth is, I've, I've never actually had any real friends my age." he mumbled. "We are, friends, right?" The small group shot each other looks and then turned to Gohan.


    End Chapter 3

    Skye and Jesse (c) - Me

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