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    The Prince Of Orange Star

    Prince of Orange Star: Starblind

    Read it at here - Here

    Brief Summary: Gohan has grown tired of being pampered and looked over at every waking second. It was by his terms that he go out and experience being a real kid. Not knowing anyone his own age he thought School would be the perfect way to experience being a kid. 3 years Post Cell Games.

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    "Master Gohan please be reasonable. Let me take you to school today. There's no reason why a Prince should have to go to his first day of classes alone." Davis, the closest butler to the young Prince, was simply being a responsible caretaker. Since the Son's arrival to the Kingdom 3 years previous, Davis had taken the role of a respectable and responsible Male figure in Gohan's life. He was just looking out for the kid.

    Gohan stood at his opened door, dressed in his Royal attire minus the crown. It would be odd wearing his crown to a public school. It was bad enough that his admission into the school was Big News. There was a special hour dedicated to the mysterious Prince about him starting school in Satan City. Besides the people inside the Ox Kingdom, what went on inside the Kingdom grounds was a mystery. Gohan becoming a student at the highest prided school in the country was big news and a high honor for the School System.

    "I told you. I'll be fine. If you want you can come pick me up when school is over, kay? Just let me do this alone. And please don't try and come and spy on me. I know how your like, but just trust me on this. I want to try and fit in, ya know. And I can't do that if I have someone from the Kingdom watching over me every second."

    Davis finished folding Gohan's clothes and set in his drawers. "Fine. You win. But just know. I will be there right when the school day ends. I'll have an extra set of clothes ready for you to come home in." Gohan smiled and threw up a peace sign towards his older friend.

    "Hehe, you know me too well. I guess I'm going to grab a quick bite to eat and then head out. See ya later." He waved the butler off and ran off towards the kitchen where the smell of the greatest cooking he's ever tasted struck his senses and washed over him. He was in heaven every time he was in the kitchen because even though the Son family came to the Kingdom to settle down and be treated how they properly should have been for saving the world time and time again, Chi Chi insisted she kept up her duties and cooked for her two sons. Gohan never really knew any other taste besides what his mom cooked. It was only the best from her, and nothing else.

    When he reached the kitchen he saw his little brother sitting in a booster seat at the large table. Gohan ruffled through his brother's hair and grabbed a bowl of rice. "Later kiddo, be good for mom. And make sure you don't make a mess of things without me alright?" He kissed his mom on the cheek and ran towards the exit to the large mansion. "Love you mom, see you after school."

    Running through the long hallways of the castle, Gohan eyed some photos of his family that were taken over the years. He saw one picture that just screamed for him to take with him wherever he went. It was just one of those pictures that when you saw it, you couldn't help but feel like it brightened up the room. It brought him back to the good old days, it put a smile on his face when he looked back to remember the day it was taken. He stored the picture in his pocket and continued onwards towards the door.

    Prince Gohan was just about to reach the exit to the kingdom when he was grabbed by the shoulder by a big set of hands. The only person wit hands those large was the one and only Ox King himself. "Hey Grandpa. What's up?"

    "Hey Gohan. I just wanted to wish my grandson all the best on his first day of public school. I know you've felt a bit cramped up here in the castle and this is your way of trying to be a kid. But just know that if you don't like it there that you can still go to school here. I know it probably wouldn't be the same as going out and witnessing for yourself first hand what a public school is like, but you'll be close to home, and there's nothing wrong with that."

    His grandpa just wanted what was best for his grandson, just like Davis. He felt responsible for the boy's well being as a man since his father was no longer around to show him the ropes of growing up. He was much more involved in the boy's life ever since they moved in after finding out Chi Chi was going to be conceiving another child. Those months of going through Pregnancy issues were much easier the second time around after knowing what was to expect, especially from another Saiyan Hybrid.

    "Thanks grandpa. But I think I'll be ok. I mean, it's just school. How bad can it be? Besides, if there's any problems, I'm sure as the OX King you can fix it right up." He was joking of course. "Really now though, I'll be fine grandpa. I'll be back right after school to take care of my duties as Prince. If there's anything to do that I haven't covered that is."

    It was very well known throughout the kingdom that when Gohan set his mind on something, he got it done as quickly and as perfectly as possible. It was a curse really. It's what left him bored in the castle on most days. Besides playing with his little brother, his duties as Prince was the only thing he HAD to do in the day. And he wasn't often let out of sight of the Royal guards. There was always a close eye kept on him after his previous 'escape' from the Kingdom. Although it was just a fishing trip, the Kingdom had to at all times know where each member of the Royal Family was. So that's where Gohan's idea for school came in.

    It was basically his only escape from the eagle eyes of the Kingdom that one day would be his. And that's why he was looking forward to the day. After saying goodbye to his grandpa, the guards let Gohan through the large doors that separated the kingdom from the rest of the world and let Gohan through. They waved their Prince off, keeping their firearms aimed in front of him as precaution. Gohan walked slowly off the path until he was no longer in sight of the Guards.

    He lept up towards the sky and called for a long not seen friend. "FLYING NIMBUS!" The magical cloud was under his feet in seconds and carrying him towards the city. "Long time no see, good to see you Nimbus. Now, take me, TO SCHOOL!" He shouted, happy as can be that he was free from the watchful eyes of the Ox Kingdom for the day. He was definitely looking forward to this day.


    It wasn't long after he had gotten on Nimbus that he was reaching the borders of West City, or Satan City as it was now known as. Gohan didn't mind the fact that the guy with the afro claimed to have beaten Cell. Being a Prince had brought it's own publicity. If the world had known that he was also the same kid who fought and beat Cell then his world would have been thrown up side down and what little privacy he had would have be thrown away.

    They were flying high enough above the city to where he wasn't going to be noticed flying a yellow cloud. He took a peak down on the city and saw the rustle and bustle that Satan City was known for. And just as the news had always portrayed, there was traffic jams and more traffic jams. Cars seemed to just come out of no where and pile up one after another. The streets looked like a bad coloring book from up where he sat. So many different colored cars and no pattern.

    Another minute or two flew by, literally, and he was reaching the roof of Orange Star. The High prestige school was known for schooling only the best and brightest young scholars. Only a lucky select few were allowed to wander those hallways on a daily basis. It was a privilege, no, an honor to be a student here.

    Gohan hopped down from Nimbus and went to he ledge of the Roof. He looked down and saw a bunch of Paparazzi waiting by the front entrance to the school. He could hear them all mumbling about when the Prince of the Ox Kingdom was going to arrive for his first day of Public school.

    "Oh jeez. Is me going to school really that big of a deal? Well, I'd hate to be them. Cause they're going back to whatever news station they came from empty handed. Cause this student is on his way to his first class of the day." Gohan smiled and turned back to the door on the roof.

    Once in the hallways of Orange Star Gohan wandered around as if he was lost. He kept getting odd stares from his peers. He couldn't tell if it was because they knew who he was or if it was because they didn't know who he was and that he looked odd to them. He told himself that it was because he was the new kid and it was normal for the new guy to feel out of place. Whatever got him through the day with a smile on his face, right? Right.

    He wandered for a couple minutes longer until one of the faculty members noticed the boy looking a bit lost. "Umm, excuse me young man. Are you looking for somewhere to go? You don't seem to know where you're headed." This was the math teacher. A middle aged man with dark shady hair. His glasses looked really tight, so Gohan assumed his eye sight was poor without them and that they were of the utmost importance to the teacher.

    "Yea, I guess I'm kind of lost. I'm new here and don't really know where to go. Do you mind helping me out if it's not a problem." Mr. Hiroshi pointed Gohan in the direction of the main office and went on his way back towards his classroom. The second bell signaling that students had better be in their seats had already rung and he was late for his lecture. Today was going to be different somehow, he just knew something interesting was going to happen today. That was beside the fact the the Prince of the Infamous Ox Kingdom was going to begin attending classes here.


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