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    Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?

    New anime from Studio DEEN

    Aikawa Ayumu is a normal high school boy. One day he is killed by a serial killer and revived as a zombie by a necromancer named Eucliwood Hellscythe. He starts to serve Eu as her guard but he happens to deprive the mahou shoujo Haruna of her magic power. Haruna orders Ayumu to fight against the anti-mahou shoujo system "Megalo" in her place.

    Currently one episode out, looking like a good anime. Check it out
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    This is rich ;D. Though many people compare it to Princess Ressurection, mainly because there is a chainsaw and a zombie in both... if having both make it a copy then I don't know what they were watching .

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    At first I was like - Damn, again some lame main guy and harem of super girls
    But after 1 episode - F@ck yeah!! That's some funny sh@t going on.
    Really, the cover missleads you to get a wrong idea of this anime

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