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Any1 else thinks to compete @ the higher levels Gray will need to stop needing both hands? It seems like the basic rule his master taught but IMHO it seems like 1 of those rules meant to be broken without realizing it. Like 1 of these days he will start using it and realize that the 2 hands made the magic stabler for weaker mages but there comes a time when you can use only 1. Other than Lucy his magic seems like it takes the longest, allowing too many people to take advantage and just kick his butt for a while.
well he was able to beat Lyon and was more powerful with twp hand and when lyon came back he used both hands and was much more powerful. so i doubt that but nice thinking either way i think he will break through some kind of personal limit like IDK i just think he will find a way to just raise the level of his power to a whole new level. also i think and hope he show that and steps up in this battle. he need to setp it up same with elfman i hope he shows us something new as well.