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    Quote Originally Posted by paulbee View Post
    I have a suspicion that Haku may not Come Back from getting sliced by Zabuza

    What happened to the Spoilers where KB was summoned back with Samaheda? Did I miss something?
    I have a suspicion that Zabuza won't slice Haku! I think we'll see redemption break Edo Tensei's hold on Zabuza.

    I know Kabuto just erased their minds last chapter, and this new Edo Tensei should have stronger control... but I think the point of Zabuza and Haku reappearing is that Haku won't be seen as a tool anymore, and Zabuza won't treat him as such.

    Also, art in the first couple pages of this chapter was total shit. Very lazy, especially on the character design... that one guy with the really round nose looks like something a retarded eight-year-old drew.
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    My favor of the 7 swordsmen goes too Kushimaru's Longsword Threading Needle style.... totally sick!!!

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    Zabuzza is the only one among these guys that can use the Hidden Mist.. What elite ninja they are.

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    Awesome chapter!

    Seeing the last panel made me really feel nostalgic

    Quote Originally Posted by BlackJustu View Post
    My favor of the 7 swordsmen goes too Kushimaru's Longsword Threading Needle style.... totally sick!!!

    Ava & Sig created by Max
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    Lollipop Candy ♥BAD♥ girl daz bonez's Avatar
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    LMAO! XD The hell is that thing?

    anyway,That was truly an awesome chapter.The executioners blade ability was quite cool.but The only sword I like is Zabuzas, the rest are fairly silly. The stitched-together Ninja Balls going "Aaaargh!!" on page 13 were hilarious though.

    Kakashi is just going. "OH NOT AGAIN GOD DAMMIT." when he stabs Haku.

    This chapter has been one of the best in a long while I'll say.

    Question = Kakashi's plan was a fudging Rube-Goldberg Machine.

    Someone please explain to me wtf he was trying to accomplish with that.

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    Damn that was a great chapter. It gave lots of info on the 7 swordsmen of the mist.
    Zabuza's sword can regenerate itself? It really deserves it's name beheading sword.
    I wonder if that generation that has been ET'd by 4 eyes-maru is the one from when Madara was controlling the Mizukage. If they are I'm thinking they may have been been plotting to take him down, hence why they're being brought back from coffins. I wonder where Kisame fits into it, tho we all know he killed Samehada's original wielder.

    Definitely worth the waiting for more than a week.

    Oh and now Suigetsu's obsession with swords was explained nicely, he no longer seems like a lame-o to me. In fact I can see him getting hold of those legendary swords one day and realizing his dream of reforming the 7SMotM.
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    I'm sorry but no one else believes that Kakashi all ready planned for Haku to jump in the way? Do you really believe he forgot what happened last time when he attacked Zabuza with that attack? Something tells me as soon as Zabuza gets close enough to share his shadow or in someway show one Ensui will capture him

    edit: That was the original plan, but I still think Kakashi has a trick up his sleeve and will get Zabuza bound in someway
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    Quote Originally Posted by lolnova View Post
    Zabuzza is the only one among these guys that can use the Hidden Mist.. What elite ninja they are.
    Can use the Hidden Mist as in the technique that creates Mist? If that's what you're talking about, it seems like a pretty basic technique to me. So I'm sure, with them all being experts in silent assassination, they could use that technique if they wanted to had Zabuza not used it just before the other swordsmen were summoned.

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    I start to enjoy reading Naruto again!!!

    Finally all of the 7 swordsmen are revealed, never thought that Suigetsus Brother/Family was that badass!!!

    My fav of those swords is clearly the Lumberjacks best friend: Hammer/Axe combo!

    IMO Kakashi has alreday a backup plan in mind / executed since the thing with Haku had happend once already so this will be the release for Zabuza since he's really fond of haku, even though the EDO control was thightened!

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    kakashi just a distraction attack
    the main attack is from gai

    if kakashi able to land first attack.. he has the advantages..
    and now
    he has the advantage too coz haku is out.. for now
    if zabuza slice haku to reach kakashi..
    haku is out n nara clan just have to stop zabuza with their shadow
    they can reach longer coz kakashi shadow is converge with haku
    gai come n finish him.. maybe with a little assist from kakashi
    or at least plant a tracking device on zabuza

    they need to take down zabuza first coz he's the source for the thick mist

    just my thought

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