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Thread: hi guys!

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    Cool hi guys!

    hi guys im new here just to let u no a little about myself:

    my favourite manga:
    1. one piece
    2. d gray man
    3. naruto

    i come from nz!

    i am azn i moved from taiwan.

    my favourite bands:

    1. Good Charlotte
    2. Linkin Park
    3. Red Hot Chili Peppers

    my favourite movies

    1. the departed
    2. the talented mr riply
    3. the matrix (1st one)

    yea thats pretty much it...

    hav a good day!


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    I agree about your "one piece roxs" sig. Lol, but anyways, welcome.

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    Welcome! hehe, I'm new too... is good to see more new ppl as me.

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    you have a very good taste man xDD

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