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    Can someone recommend a good seinen manga?

    I am looking for something like Monster, Eden! Its an Endless World, and 20th Century Boys. Thank you in advance!

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    Gantz is on chapter 337 now. The first 200 or so chapters were absolutly amazing. It started to fall off a little bit around 300, but the first 200 or so chapters are insane.
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    Seeing your taste, I personally recommend you Dragon Head, a well-done post-apocalyptic story. Billy Bat and Pluto are other works from Naoki Urasawa, a safe bet if you liked Monster, 20CB. You'll also like The World Is Mine, though it's sort of a more difficult seinen to read than others mentioned here. Yokohama Kaidashi Kidou is a relaxed, not thrilling, yet good post-apocalyptic manga.

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    Sadly enough i haven't read all that many seinen so i don't know what exactly you like by these series so i'll just give you the ones i liked.

    Vagabond has a bit of an annoying pace to me but is incredible both story and artwise. Sadly enough the author stopped it and is unknown if it will continue or not

    As mentioned before Berserk, although i have to warn you at that one since there is some seriously mindbreaking stuff in there, read at own risk. Release rate is slow though.

    And currently reading title Hokuto no Ken/Fist of the North star, pretty straightforward series but immensily enjoying it, yes it has cliches in comparison to todays series but keep in mind that this series only began in 1983.
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    I heavily recommend Sun Ken Rock

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