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    What are some good sci-fi/horror/gore mangas I would like...?

    I just recently finished Parasyte and really liked it. I've also read Elfin Lied, Gyo, and Uzumaki - and really liked all of them too.
    Any suggestions? And what are good sites to read thus mangas online? I've used MangaShare, but they're pretty limited to variety.

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    Biomega is a great sci-fi, pretty dark. It's by Tsutomu Nihei (Same guy who wrote BLAME!) so the landscapes look as epic and creepy as always. Dunno if it's being scanlated but you can grab vols 1-4 on amazon.

    Anne Freaks is a pretty gory drama, Some of the murders in this one have quite an impact, one specifically where a certain character steps over the line and a very nice woman is killed in quite a cold manner.

    There's always MPD psycho as well. Which is a very gory serial murder drama. You might have seen the live-action adaption at some point (which was raped by censorship).

    Oh and The World is Mine is a brilliantly gory seinen that you should try.
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    Biomega is cool manga, but i would like to recommend you to go for Furudori Yayoi.

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    Biomeat-Nectar is also a good gore manga with decent comedy mixed in.

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