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Hey a lil surprise.


Oh I guess it's not a surprise anymore. Haters!
I'm sorry, was that supposed to take the place of something meaningful? No one's surprised, the Heat are going to roll through the regular season. In case you hadn't realized yet, that doesn't really mean much. It doesn't change how weak they are at the 1 and 5. Which will lead to problems in the playoffs. If you want to talk about the Heat then let's talk about the Heat. I'm more than willing to discuss their positives and negatives with you.

Now if you have nothing meaningful to contribute I suggest you just don't post. I have no problem with troll's or trolling as long as they make people think, but meaningless posts that are just there to rile people up will not be tolerated.

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well that is his leverage few teams will take him with out a deal and i do not think melo will take the extension from the nuggets. i think he generally wants out.and at some point money takes a back seat. if they do pull that move and he really does just want out they get no picks no players, nothing but some cap room. and i even read somewhere that depending on whats in the C.B.A. his salary could still be cut after the fact.
(i do not know the details of what would make that happen but apparently its possible.)
and you never know he might just say hey ill take my chances and go where he wants to go and deals with the money later. i mean its not unheard of in sports. its a bit rare but it happens. then again thats a hell of a lot of money so you do have a point i am just saying ya never know.
That's the beauty of all of this, if the Nuggets tried what I suggested Melo could still leave. This is essentially brinkmanship. Melo ultimately holds the trump card, but he can't play that without serious drawbacks. Which is why the Nuggets are trying to trade him, so that neither side has to deal with the consequences of Melo just walking away in free agency.

As for that clause in the new CBA, it most likely won't be included. Remember both the owners and the players association have to agree to the terms of a new CBA and that would be extremely disadvantageous to the players.