Nice idea for a thread Cross. I personally think the Magic have screwed themselves long-term for a chance to win now. Unfortunately if they don't win it this year or next D12 is out of there.

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Heat is going take it this season to all you haters this is undeniable. Lebron fouling Koby's dunks on Christmas was the best Christmas present.

Knicks are actually playing basketball, they haven't done that in a long time, I'm still not a fan of my home team.
Yes because the Heat's complete lack of interior defense is totally gonna win them a ship'. While they may have hit the FA jackpot this season they're still as soft as toilet paper. They lack anything in two of the most important positions, center and point guard. Give them a year or two with the MLE and then we can talk, but this year? Not a chance.

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I hope so, F everybody who thinks lebron dissed clevland, its obvious that the owner didn't care about winning anyways, hes only in it for the revenue.
No sir, fuck you. Lebron did diss Cleveland, the team he played with for 7 years, by not having the decency to inform them of his decision beforehand. No, instead he had one of his buddies call them up minutes before he announced it himself. Lebron had every right to leave the Cavs, however it is never right to have a self-aggrandizing, narcissistic, love-fest. I'm a Cavs fan and it made me sick even when I still thought he was coming back.

By the way your point about Gilbert only caring about revenue is counter intuitive. Winning brings in even more revenue, so of course he cares about winning.

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^ Yo you should really check out D. Wades interview about him and Lebron leaving for heat, I got a lot more respect for them after hearing the real reasons behind it. They didn't do it for the money if anything they were offered a lot more money from other teams. Because they say underrated real good talent there and wanted to bring them up, why I'm rooting for Heat this year.
You actually bought that shit? They joined together because they believe that's it's the quickest way for them to win championships. Besides there is no "real good underrated talent" in Miami. Pat Riley literally cleared the entire roster except for Mario Chalmers. They then proceeded to sign Udonis Haslem and Mike Miller with the money that the Three didn't take and filled out the rest of the roster with veteran minimum players. There is no underrated talent there, maybe some overrated talent i.e. Bosh, but no young underrated prospects.

With that said, when you bandwagon bitches decide to talk some real basketball I'll be waiting.