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    Naruto Robokill 1 & 2 full version

    hey guysss!!~

    hv u ever played shooting game called robokill??..well this game is more like Diablo n Alien shooter game..?? well...robokill game is more likely like this one..n i have played both episode 1 & 2..both games were cool n crazzyyy!~ hhohohohoh

    if u want to play it just go to my blog to download it..i hv both episode 1 n 2.. enjoyy!!~

    episode 2 --->

    episode 1 -->

    well..i'm sorry if there is some additional language in my blog..huhuh..but dont worry..just follow the stepS n its easy..enjoyyy guyzz

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    No. Put this in your blog man.
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