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    One Piece ART! manga, anime + realism

    hi~ welcome and enjoy your stay

    all these and more can be found in my dA account, but i'll post more if these are liked =)
    comments + criticisms are all welcome... so are inspirations - since i'm having a block... ='( <--- please visit!

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    You're really good, and since you seem to excel at the more detailed stuff why dont you try drawing Slan or Void from berserk, I think you would do a really good job of it with your style

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    Wow, quite talented, I see.
    You are very good at both realistic and manga-styled works, I love the first and last pieces.

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    I really love those first two... that pose just makes me happy. Sort of a "bring it on, word" sort of thing. The portrait of Miyavi also makes me happy. <3 You're a great fanartist and good at capturing the styles, so I'd really be interested in seeing some original work from you! :o

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    The backgrounds and detail are amazing~ You have a really good handle on perspective.

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    ;o nice these are really good, i love the shading my favorite is definately
    my deviantart

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    Pretty good
    I also have dA account but I'm waiting for new scanner so I don't have much ' raw' artwork of my own.

    Very good combination > manga and realism

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    theres more new stuff up in my gallery --> used-rugs on deviantART

    please drop by and leave a comment =)

    thanks for all the comments, much appreciated!

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    Wow you're reallygood, I was very impressed with the style of the second image of the first post, also the detail on the tram image was awesome. Most of all I enjoy the pose of who I assume is Sanji and the second last image of the above post (the way the hair looks is so good).

    All round it's very nice.


    Why don't more people read these mangas?

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