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^Oh shit ! I forgot laxus had that move, derp! 1 of my reasons for both Hades and Marakov dying this arc got shot down. If Laxus shows up to the island, than Gildratz,Fried and Bixlow will definitely get there before him. Assuming Laxus is extremely far away, 1 been traveling away from the guild on land, 2 they are on a island that is not so easy to track, unless you know the path? Raftel aye? aye? Called it!

Are you serious?! Since he was shown in a flashback after the fried/Bixlow battle with Lucy and Cana you have posted nearly 10 times every fucking chapter thread.

" Hey guys Laxus is returning, good chance he coming back, he'll come back in this arc with Gildratz,Bixlow and Fried and Gin !"


I'm fine with either of them getting the leader position not biased towards Laxus fan of both characters. Just think Gildratz would fit the role of leader better, Gildratz already shown us he can get serious when the time comes. Even though it was used on a example on Natsu, imagine when shit goes down. I see Laxus taking Gildratz slot if there even is one.

Do you just make shit up to just post? A twist? He wasn't even talking about a twist, it's not like Gildratz is set in stone yet, Laxus is more set in stone than him currently to be the next leader.

I'm not saying Laxus will be a shit leader like that, I also noticed he changed that was the point of ending of the Laxus arc, some what. If he does join he probably will be strict but not in a bad way, to make FT stronger. I'm curious to what he is going to bring to FT now, he been traveling for a while he probably learn a lot of sh*t.
erza should be the next master of fairy tail
can't a woman take the helm for once?

Haha thats why I was saying month ago when we got that 3 chapter special , Mashima could fuck this up or lean it towards some good storytelling if he doesn't choose the plotslayer path. Defeat is like the only good way to go, depending on how he unravels Zeref the rest of the story might get real interesting or we will always just know every arc oh FT triumphed! Erza used her Gundam Armor, Natsu ate a Nuclear atom bomb, Gray learn the Ice Age spell out of no where, Lucy was closer to being naked. The enemy underestimated this farfetched surprise!
yeah Please, don't let Natsu win this fight via "I'll defeat you for my nakama!" steroid. Or "I'll use 1 year share of magic to defeat you!".

I think I'm getting what is going to happen.
FT will lose.
Everyone will flee to the guild and think they aren't able to do anything anymore.
Laxus enters the guild with a badass pose saying they are trash if they give up.
Not necessarily in this exact order (without something happening between).

Chains of Hades