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I think Kabuto summoned the sword for him. Also, I don't think Madara would be too happy to have the person that he was closest in Akatsuki brought back from the dead. He respects Kisame too much to have him summoned and used as a pawn by Kabuto. The seven swords men look awesome. And the bloodline users are incredible. He literally punched the guy and reduce him to dust.
TobiDara has no such loyalties...I'm afraid.

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I'm sorry.

It is just too fucking ridiculous to believe that every country in the world - every single ninja village, which go to great lengths to protect the secrets of their bloodline limits and the bodies of their dead, to prevent them from being studied - would manage to let Kabutochimaru rob every single grave they have ever had.

Especially fucking Kages. What the heck, man.

I guess the collection of bloodline limits was probably a longterm project begun under Orochimaru. If so It is very hard to keep Oro from getting something he wants, and Kabuto has always been good at infiltration, something we saw a lot of from him in the early days