i`m surprised no one talked about this yet,well i`m not too interested in the ethical concerns or security questions raised by the leak. Leaks and whistleblowers always raise the same issues, the only difference now is WikiLeaks can revolutionize the speed and proliferation of released information. It's sad that it's no longer a "Wiki" though.

The leak's contents are MUCH more interesting, I mean the comments border on unbelievable at times. Political big-wigs and powerful diplomats are saying things commonly found on internet forums.

Ahmadinejad is Hitler! rofl

An incredible breakdown of the whole media reaction to Wikileaks yielded a quote that I can pretty much get behind: "One's reaction to WikiLeaks is largely shaped by whether or not one, on balance, supports what the U.S. has been covertly doing in the world by virtue of operating in the dark."

The full article is here, it's an excellent read: http://www.salon.com/news/opinion/gl...ex.html?jgh=jg

here's a log of all the day to day wikileak events.