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    2011 Jump Festa Kishi Interview

    Naruto 2011 Jump Festa Interview

    Kishimoto's interview at Jump Festa 2011

    Kishi was bantered by Takeuchi-san (the voice actress for Naruto) about the comment at the last Jump Festa that Kakashi would be most active.

    So he apologized that he couldn't bring it as he planed and stated upcoming year(2011), Kakashi will play a remarkable part for real

    He'll write Shikamaru and Chouji's valour episode as well

    No updates on Naruto, Sasuke or Sakura.

    (The Kakashi Part):
    Kishi: Although I talked of Kakashi last year im ending up passing the year (carrying it over). Sorry about that. Im planning alot this time.

    and I am a big fan of Morikubo-san. He does Shikamaru(voice) and his voice suits. Shikamaru will be more active.
    The voice actor for Shikamaru: Serious? Thank you!

    Naruto's voice actress: it's a nice stage where your dream's come true.

    Kishi: I think it will be with Chouji. Please look after Shikamaru in the upsoming year as alway's

    Nothing new really. No info about the future of Naruto and Sasuke!

    asked by a fan what he does when he runs out of idea, kish said that he'd sleep although that wouldn't solve the problem.

    asked by takeuchi to let her do the voice for narutos kid when naruto has(the reporter put it as if he'd give birth to) a baby, kish said yes.

    The Jap script


    I will post more as I find it
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    I hate Kishi..
    I'm right so if you have another opinion about anything you're wrong!! ...Well unless you said Karin would live or Sasuke will take Itachi's eyes lol!

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    So, his death - meeting his father, nomination for hokage and a position as a comanding general(?) was not the important part ?

    Hmmmm, well he didn't defeat anyone in this year ;p .

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    I guess anything to drag out this manga then... I wonder if he really is planning anything or just saying that so he can buy more time for this cash cow to be alive without fulfilling any promises or progressing this story to its end. Sure there has been movement, but I would have thought we would be somewhere new with the Sasuke/Naruto plot, hes still chasing him, Sakura is still showing her same old weaknesses and hasn't shown anything dramatically different about herself or her power. The other minor characters are still plateaued, and we only now just got into this world war ninja fight. idk, but personally I think he's just milking this manga for all its worth to make himself more money without giving any respect to the story or the fans. boo.
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    its gonna be super funny when the ninja's loose this war to a bunch of clones lol. (Akumetsu)

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    Quote Originally Posted by jonechen View Post
    recommend some tv shows

    I have one for ya - its called "shit postings" - the premise is that each week the show will look at a forum posting that has absolutely no relevence to the thread it is posted in, or contributes anything meaningfull to the thread discussion, and the hosts will ridicule the person for their very poor efforts. You will love it, i believe ep 1 is going to be focused around your above posting.

    Dont miss it!
    Quote Originally Posted by [JUiCE] View Post
    The virginity is strong in this one.

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    So we're gonna see a Naruto jr. by the end of the manga? Awesome.
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