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    2011 Jump Festa Kishi Interview

    Naruto 2011 Jump Festa Interview

    Kishimoto's interview at Jump Festa 2011

    Kishi was bantered by Takeuchi-san (the voice actress for Naruto) about the comment at the last Jump Festa that Kakashi would be most active.

    So he apologized that he couldn't bring it as he planed and stated upcoming year(2011), Kakashi will play a remarkable part for real

    He'll write Shikamaru and Chouji's valour episode as well

    No updates on Naruto, Sasuke or Sakura.

    (The Kakashi Part):
    Kishi: Although I talked of Kakashi last year im ending up passing the year (carrying it over). Sorry about that. Im planning alot this time.

    and I am a big fan of Morikubo-san. He does Shikamaru(voice) and his voice suits. Shikamaru will be more active.
    The voice actor for Shikamaru: Serious? Thank you!

    Naruto's voice actress: it's a nice stage where your dream's come true.

    Kishi: I think it will be with Chouji. Please look after Shikamaru in the upsoming year as alway's

    Nothing new really. No info about the future of Naruto and Sasuke!

    asked by a fan what he does when he runs out of idea, kish said that he'd sleep although that wouldn't solve the problem.

    asked by takeuchi to let her do the voice for narutos kid when naruto has(the reporter put it as if he'd give birth to) a baby, kish said yes.

    The Jap script


    I will post more as I find it
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