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well,seing the japanese geoghraphy , size, or the population of Tokyo, and how much it pretains to consumer percentage.
ANYTHING getting banned in Tokyo is pretty much end of that industry. Period.
Those statements are very untrue. Tokyo is only 10% of the Japanese population. And by moving out, they will only switch the center of culture from Tokyo to another city that will accept them.

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No, instead, what this will cause is the publishers to self-regulate themselves from letting their artists draw what they want.
Life will go on, but with manga under the eys of "big brother" and crappier than before due to oversensitive cernsorship.
Publishers aren't gonna ignore the bill and have their books pulled from the entire Tokyo. You don't seem to realize this, but that is suicide.
If any major company did that, it would bankrupt in less than a year.
I DO realize that, and I still see it as irrelevant. In the end, after all, it's all about money, and that sex sells. If they really think of sexuality as an art, that should be a minor obstacle.

Like I said, let THEIR people force those crappy politicians out. They hold elections every, what? Two years, IIRC.

If they don't, then the bottomline is that it doesn't matter to THEM.

We have no right interfering in their business.

And also the thing with ambiguous laws is that you can make it work both ways.