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    i think that nell is going to be stonger than the present 4th arrancar. she was probably attacked from behind by Noitora. or she saw the attack coming and didnt fight back. Noitora wants to be the strongest arrancar, so theres the reason for the attack. Aizen just had another arrancar around and made that arrancar into 3rd, like Luppi taking GJ's place.

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    so that's what Grantz meant by saying he's not much of a fighter.But ishida will probably counter it with his ability to move using spirit particles instead of muscles...

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    It's kinda funny how everyone seems to be focused on Nel's head-lamps and don't really give a damn about Ishida & Renji (seriously though, I don't give a crap either...) But that vodoo doll technique is kinda interesting... and EVIL!

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    I agree, but I'm just annoyed that Bleach anime hasn't exactly caught up yet with the manga-I mean c'mon who wants to watch fillers for the most part?

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    just wondering chapter 289, the image showing ichigo with that new mask, was that fan made or the real cover, cause if it was, i bet ichigo will go mental/hollow soon

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    I loved the "Do you really think he'd split in two if I'd torn this in half?". Strange, then, that when he crushes the stomach the same thing happens to Ishida.

    Anyways, the colour page made it look like Nel's breasts have gotten bigger. Probably just the effect of the outfit.

    This flashback should be good. It's interesting that Nel looks so human and is so powerful and she's never been hougyaku-ed. (since she was attacked by Nnoitra years ago, apparently. Before Aizen got the hougyaku.) Looking forward to the flashback.

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    It'll be interesting how Ishida gets through this one, and whatever flashback is about to kick in.

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    I'm really looking forward to the flashback! I hope whatever is about Nel is nice!

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    I feel bad for Ishida....almost every major battles he either gets beat up badly, near death or loses his power....

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    Well based on the Noitora's bitching Nel shouldn't be much different from what we see.


    Why don't more people read these mangas?

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