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Thread: TV Series.

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    Florence, SC; USA
    Scrubs owns tv
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    wows i was beginning to think only one who watches scrubs. Weeds is also pretty good.

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    scrubs is awesome!! heroes, crossing jordan, the CSI's, and whatever show someone else of my family is watching at the time when i cant get the remote
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    SCRUBS FTW !!!
    Harry Potter 7 :yondaime

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    I watch a lot of House. It's the one show I might actually make time for right now.

    Before the season finished, I made sure to watch it every week (that it was on; a lot of weeks without it).
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    The best has gotta be Heroes, Scrubs and a little bit of Boston Legal

    I seriously cant wait for Heroes to come back---> HIRO NAKAMURA!!!

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    Good lord none of you ppl watch dexter? (NOT THE FREAKING CARTOON SHOW) the one that airs on showtime?
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    Don't watch anything atm. But I do watch My Name is Earl and South Park. It's just that both are having a break now. >.< But hey, I've got anime. =D

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    Heroes, Dexter, Numb3rs, Smallville

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    myth busters, south park and drawn together are the only american tv I watch..

    I watch chasers war on everything and spicks and specs.. but they're australian

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