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    Cool Omamori Himari

    Hey I really like this series and hope that you all will also. Its full of action and fights occasional ecchi.

    Seven years ago, Amakawa Yuuto\'s parents died leaving him living alone without a single relative. Ever since then, his friend, Kuzaki Rinko, has waken him up, cooked for him and just taken care of him. The only thing he has from any relative is a mysterious charm, a red ball, given to him by his grandparents as a good luck charm (an omamori). On the day of his 16th birthday, this charm mysteriously disappears, and into Yuuto\'s life walks Himari. A cat spirit-samurai girl and demon hunter who swears to protect Yuuto. There is only one small problem. Yuuto has a severe allergic reaction to cats!

    If you have read the series tell me some similar ones.
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