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    SUMMER ANIME 2014:

    It's a time of sequels (and some remakes/reboots) .

    Besides those there are also adaptations of certain mangas:
    - Gekkan Shoujou Nozaki-kun (the same author as Oresama Teacher),
    - Akame Ga Kill! (the brutality and feel roller coaster that is contained within this series, will probably be omitted knowing how those work ),
    - Tokyo ESP (actually, I would rather see continuation of Ga-Rei but still this might pretty good... then again I didn't watch it, lol ),
    - Tokyo Ghoul (another good seinen... eh, I wonder how much will be omitted of it... well it is about eating people to some extend so... half ;p ?).


    Actually, I checked the 2nd preview of TG and:

    oh damn, it will cover MC's break down/no return point :O... plus it is pretty blood after all :O.
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