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Thread: Upcoming Anime

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    This summer's line up isn't that bad (those that were expected to be nice, seem nice and the like), but if I had to mention one anime that surprised me the most, it's going to be Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi aka "Sunday Without God" (it's actually aired on Sundays), it's so f*cking deep, I mean seriously, sure I have seen deep anime after their full story and the like, but this ? It's only a few episodes in the story and it's so f*cking deep, I'm not sure if I have ever seen any anime go that deep that quickly, I actually wonder if the rest of the anime will be that good. Certainly a happy surprise (now I have to wonder if they made a really good adaptation, or perhaps as usual, the source (LN) is even better than that ?).

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    Yes, it's this time of the year, of presenting the upcoming Autumn 2013 Anime Preview (certain changes might be made in time ):

    Let's start from the top of the preview list and mention animes possibly worth watching or interesting:
    - BlazBlue: After Memory - yes people, it's finally here, the anime adaptation of the BlazBlue 2D HD Fighting game series, I'm not sure how good the anime will be, but the story in this series of games is mind-blowing for a fighting game, yes, it's good here is a little bit of it:

    - a new Gundam, the Gundam Build Fighters - is it me or each new gundam seems to be more childissh than the previous one ? I probably won't watch this,

    - Kill la Kill - already mentioned in one of my previous posts, so yeah I will probably check this out,

    - Valvrave the Liberator Part 2 - yep I will watch it, since it is basically Code Geas in space, more or less, plus I have seen the first season ,

    - a remake anime, Yozakura Quartet: Hana no Ulta - this seems quite popular from what I heard, the fact that it got a series, ova series and a remake seems to confirm it,

    - Kuroko no Basket S2 - didn't watch the first one that much and I have technically dropped the manga, so...

    - Log Horizon - another anime about people imprisoned in virtual reality game,

    - Freezing S2 - didn't watch it, but it's popular enough to mention it,

    - Infinite Stratos S2 - why did this get a second season ? Sure I watched the first one but it was so-so if not worse, really why ?

    - Coppelion - this sounds familiar and interesting,

    - White Album 2 - hmmmmmmmm,

    - Walkure Romanze - this, might or not might be what it it meant to be, so to confirm what it is, I might check it out ,

    - To Aru Hikuushi e no Kouita - this also sounds familiar, might check it out,

    - NouCome - this seems to be one of the lolz animes, might be funny,

    - pupa - sounds familiar, if it's dark enough, it might be good,

    - Phi Brain S3 - I have seen a few episodes of the S1, but for them to roll out a 3rd already... is that good, or is it cheap to produce ?

    - Galileo Donna - I'm not sure what this might be,

    - Samurai Flamenco - this might be an old-school hero anime, or not , hard to say,

    - Magi S2 - I prefer the manga,

    - Strike the Blood - people love vampire stories, especially about those dubbed "the world's most powerful vampire", there is also a girl so there will probably some romance,

    - Tokyo Ravens - the scanlations must be behind, because the current scanlated chapters are not enough for the anime season, unless they stretch it out... oh well, I might check it out,

    - Arpeggio of Blue Steel: Ars Nova - ...well...

    - other?

    Well as everyone can see, there a few blood/vampire anime, a few mecha anime and a few sports anime coming out, for details click the red link or the check the image in the spoiler .

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    Looks like the relationship between Type-Moon and the animation studio Ufotable just gets deeper and deeper since they are getting to animate more and more of their works (plus intros to the games), not to forget that another chapter in the Kara No Kyoukai series is going to be animated : recalled out summer Gospel in the Future -The Beginning:

    If this keeps up and if at some point the remake of the Tsukihime (still in works IIRC, so it won't come fast anyway ), or Witch on the Holy Night (the first chapter/part was released awhile ago, so perhaps...or they might wait until the two sequel are complete), gets animated, we can probably expect Ufotable to be doing it ... yeah, well it would be fun at least :p.

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    Winter 2013/14 Anime Preview

    Winter 2013/14 Anime Preview:

    Interesting ones:
    - Nobunagun - well the spirit of Nobunaga become a Machin-gun-like weapon to fight off invaders from another realm...
    - Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta - this feels like something I have already seen...
    - Pupa - not, well this is a story with an extreme gore and is made by DEEN, so it will probably fail as an adaptation,
    - Mahou Sensou - seems pretty interesting, the story about Magic,
    - Nisekoi - the manga is seemingly stretching out for awhile now, but hey it's a first? anime adaptation of the author's work,
    - Z/X Ignition - this is seemingly based on some kind of card game,
    - Hozuki no Reitetsu - sounds like comedy,
    - Witch Craft Works - the manga is alright,
    - Sekai... - another parody/comedy, about an evil organization led by little girl trying to take over the world,
    - Wizard Barristers - ... - as the name implies a about being a Barrister in the world with Magic, so a Barrister of Magicians, sounds fun and pretty original ;P,
    - Hamatora - about people with special powers,
    - Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shhitai! Season 2 - have been waiting for this , plus I think that a movie from the same author is coming out as well (it has a similar setting),
    - Seitokai... Season 2 - they sure pulled out a lot of OVAs between s1 and s2,
    - Noragami - I had my eyes on a manga about this for quite awhile (didn't read it yet ),
    - Nobunaga the Fool - surprisingly, this seems to be like Star Ocean, it's just that some characters have famous historic names, like Leonardo da Vinci and alike,
    - Silve Spoon Season 2 - some people should be happy about it,
    - Sailor Moon - they rescheduled this remake last time and might also do it this time.

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    New Hunter x Hunter movie looks interesting.

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    At the end of the special that was released not so long ago, appeared an interesting announcement. Yes, the Mushishi: Second Chapter, aka the second season of Mushishi anime, has been green-lighten. It is meant to premiere in April . Source (beside the special):

    Also, it appears that some multi-verse-cross-over of the Falcom games series is going to be also aired :O. It seems be 3 minute per episode and something along what Type-Moon got with the Carnival Phantasm... I guess it sure was awhile since the last time that a Falcom game got an anime adaptation (was it like what, 20 years ;p ?).
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    Spring 2014 anime chart (march -> may)


    Wow, quite a lot of big titles are coming this time around. Among them are:
    - JoJo,
    - Soul Eater Not,
    - Mushishi,
    - Mekaku City Actors (seriously this looks exactly like Kagerou Days :O),
    - Gokukoku no Brynhild,
    - Fairy Tail,
    - Mahou Shoujou Wars (well this seems to be an original ),
    - Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei,
    - Black Bullet,
    - Haikyuu,
    - Hitsugihime no Chaika (perhaps this time it will appear in this season ;p),
    - No Game, no Life,
    - Sidonia no Kishi,
    - Akuma no Riddle,
    - Mangaka-san to Assistant-san,
    - an Avengers spin-off.

    Seriously almost all of those are popular manga or novels adaptations. Final OVA of Gundam Unicorn is also meant to appear in the spring season.

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    Mushishi season 2 will likely be an instant 10/10.

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    So no new Gundam yet, huh? GBF is really really good, but there's only 5 episodes on it. That last Unicorn OVA should give me time to catch up before the new series (G-Reco? Origins?)

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    Tokyo Ghoul (I started reading it only recently ):

    Monogatari 2nd Season's Hanamonogatari (I wonder if Kaiki had survived, he was pretty badass by tricking God into mortality ;P):

    Durarara! Season 2 and Log Horizon Season 2 were also confirmed.

    Strange, only one video per post ?

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