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Thread: Upcoming Anime

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    SUMMER ANIME 2014:

    It's a time of sequels (and some remakes/reboots) .

    Besides those there are also adaptations of certain mangas:
    - Gekkan Shoujou Nozaki-kun (the same author as Oresama Teacher),
    - Akame Ga Kill! (the brutality and feel roller coaster that is contained within this series, will probably be omitted knowing how those work ),
    - Tokyo ESP (actually, I would rather see continuation of Ga-Rei but still this might pretty good... then again I didn't watch it, lol ),
    - Tokyo Ghoul (another good seinen... eh, I wonder how much will be omitted of it... well it is about eating people to some extend so... half ;p ?).


    Actually, I checked the 2nd preview of TG and:

    oh damn, it will cover MC's break down/no return point :O... plus it is pretty blood after all :O.
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    I sooo forgot about this... . Most of you probably already know what is coming, but still here you go .


    Those that I know something about:
    - Terra Formas - it's like Attack on Titan in space, although there is a lot more fighting and perhaps even dying , the first OVA is already out, and this will be a series following it,
    - Amagi Brilliant Park -a rom-com from the Fullmetal Panic/Fumofuu author (Fumoffu does appear, albeit a different one) ,
    - Fate/Stay Night - or rather re-adaptation of Unlimited Blade Works route (supposedly), check it out to find the origin of GAR (...),
    - Log Horizon S2 - the first season was awesome, probably my favorite MMORPG based anime,
    - Nanatsu no Taizai - come and meet the Seven Deadly Sins, the most vile and the strongest spec ops group of knights completely composed of top-class criminals; there is magic, super powers and all kinds of things set in medieval setting with all kinds of different races, full of battles and actually well written characters,
    - Gundam Reconguista in G - a gundam series that is fully done in the old drawing and animation style, I think ;p ?
    - Absolute Duo - ... you know, spirit-nano weapons, lots of girls, one even sharing a room with the MC...,
    - Ai Tenchi Muyo - a 50, 5-minute, episode spin off of Tenchi Muyo...,
    - Madan no Ou To Vanadis - a story following a lord with unparalleled bow skills, coming from the empire where archers are viewed as lower than common foot soldier. He meets on the battlefield one of the enemy leaders, one of the 7? Vanadis (War Princesses)... as one can guess by the story title, it is about the MC becoming the "Magic Arrow King of the Vanadis"... the Vanadis each wield a Magical Weapon made from or give by a Dragon... oh yeah the average cup is head-sized and there is an incident with a snake... well the LN is detailed and have sound strategic action (or so I heard ),
    - Magic Kaito - an OVA series was airing not so long ago, so it's probably the same thing they did with Break Blade,
    - Mushishi Zoku Shous S2's deep, mysterious, beautiful and symbolic... and it continues ,
    - Psycho-Pass S2 - an actual second season, this time,
    - Trinity Seven - ...magic harem king... that's pretty much it ;p,
    - World Trigger - sci-fi battle story, with actual tactics, although just like with the Seven Deadly Sins the adaptation came a bit early...; a bit like Bleach, but instead of Zanpakutou - Soul Weapon, they have Trigger - Trion Weapons,
    - Yowamuchi Pedal Grade Road - second season of hot-blooded bicycle racing sport anime.

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    Overlord (light novel and mang adaptation) has an anime adaptation in the works (source), here is a Drama CD:

    color page:

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    Winter anime season 2014/2015

    WINTER ANIME SEASON 2014/2015:


    Seems kind of interesting (tv series):
    - Absolute Duo (adaptation of LN) - the manga adaptation wasn't so bad (somewhat ecchi),
    - sequel to Tokyo Ghoul (adaptation of Manga) - I didn't watch it since there is tons of censoring, but the manga is good ,
    - Assassination Classroom (adaptation of Manga) - it was inevitable, it already sells good, so after this...,
    - sequel to Durarara! (adaptation of LN) - I will probably watch this (I might re-watch the previous season),
    - Aldnoah.Zero 2 (original) - continuation of the previous season (probably the best mecha of this and perhaps even the next year),
    - Seiken Tsukai no World Break (adaptation of LN) - well the standard magic campus story, but focusing on reincarnation and influence that their past lives have on their current ones,
    - Isuca (adaptation of Manga) - maybe ,
    - Shinmai Mou not Testament (adaptation of LN) - ...ecchi... very... a mix of fighting and hentai... so probably a lot will be cut out , well this is from the same author that did the Hagure Yuusha no Estetica (so anyone that can check it out should know that to expect ),
    - new Jojo (adaptation of Manga).

    As for the rest (OVA, Movies and alike):
    - Persona 4...,
    - Psycho-Pass movie (depending on what it will entail),
    - Tsukimonogatari,
    - Naruto the Last.

    As always, I might, but probably won't, check some of the mentioned above (perhaps even some that haven't piqued my interest yet).

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    Winter anime season 2015/2016

    I think that I might have skipped a few season of doing this, hmmmm... oh well, probably didn't feel like doing it or something :p (as always click the red, big, bold letters for a full image).

    WINTER ANIME SEASON 2015/2016:


    So we got (from the seemingly interesting ones):
    tv series:
    - continuation of God Eater - ...well I didn't watch it in the end ,
    - some free run sports kind of deal ?
    - Boku dake ga Inai Machi - this, was it fully scanlated already ? If so I better finish this one since it was a pretty fun mystery supernatural (time-travel of consciousness because of "reasons") story,
    - Phantasy Star Online 2 - wait, did they even animate the first one ? Well either way, I could never get into this series of games too much... which is strange since I liked God Eater (then again I also didn't like MH...), so I can't tell much about it's story ;p,
    - second season of Assassination Classroom - well the manga is seemingly reaching it's final, so they should have enough material for more (was the first season good ?),
    - next season of Durarara - well I kind of fell out of the loop with this series... is it still fun ?
    - Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! - oh this one, it's about a young male being summoned to another world and when asked what kind of cheat he wants, he picked the goddess that was sending him over there... comedy, fantasy story beings (sounds fun, though I haven't read it ),
    - Fairly Tail Zero - Mavis (and FT's) origin story,
    - Musaigen no Phantom World - looks pretty interesting,
    - Dagashi Kashi - oh this one, it's pure? comedy happening in a rural village... haven't read it, but it has some level of fun randomness... supposedly ;p ?
    - Hai to Gesou no Grimgar - oh this one, I'm a bit interested in this one... IIRC at least one person (party member) dies per volume so that's probably where the drama centers around (survival isn't so simple, eh ?) ? I also liked how the scenery is drawn/colored in bleak colors (to signify that even if quite beautiful, it is still an ashen reality ),
    - second season of Akagami no Shirayuki-hime - was the first one good ? Well either way I'm a bit behind the currently scanlated chapters (since I left them to pile up a bit)... perhaps it would be better to re-read it from the beginning when it's finished ?
    - Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut - this one is of the recently (more like for years now) popular setting of a boy in a magical?-robotical?-school filled with girls... although this one is supposedly quite nice (haven't read it so I can't confirm it ). Basically the MC is an ex-prince of the fallen country and pretty much a slave (kind of)... of course he is way more than that, to the point that the setting itself might be some way of giving him thanks for his past deeds, orchestrated by those who know the truth behind the scenes or something ,
    - HaruChika - this sounds familiar for some reasons, hmmmmmmm...
    - Bungou Stray Dogs - people have super powers associated with famous literature, so naturally there has to be an organization who monitors and take cares of such people when they start using such powers against the law and for their own gain.
    OVA, Movies and alike:
    - Kizumonogatari I - still haven't watched the newest season , but I will, probably, eventually watch this prequel set of movies... I think ?
    - the 4th Person 3 movie - hmmm, I have never finished playing this one ( that I think about it, I think I haven't finished any of the megami games... though I did reach the final boss in some...),
    - Code Geass... - haven't watched any of the movies so far (are they good ?), aside from that there is a new manga series revolving between R1 and R2, about some anti-terrorist unit with Lancelot Grail as the MC's or co-MC's mech.

    As always I might, or probably won't, check some of the mentioned or even those unmentioned... hmmmm, IIRC, there also was a time when I was writing something about the series I watched at the end of the season... let me check... yep it's 2012 eh, about one year before mangashare started spiraling down hard, huh... ?

    Well, anyway, MERRY CHRISTMAS & a HAPPY NEW YEAR to EVERYONE, those that remain, those that left, those that have been lost, those that will arrive and such .

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