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i meant after this arc and the battle is over LOL not have the test during the battle. and all i meant by off screan was that they do not have to go in to as much depth as they did the first time around. like if they do hold the exam after the battle that arc could just be sped up a bit.
The hell you know about depth? Your literally incapable of comprehending simple story telling and your talking about depth.

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Hmm.. im guessing you didnt really read my post? Or just severely felt like ranting.. o.o
Cross reads Chaos posts.

Cross attempts to understand the post.

Cross doesn't understand the post.

Cross goes ranting off.

Cross your a waste of space, 99% of your posts should had been posted on your personal board. You contribute nothing but trash that takes space, my posts that don't even mention anything about the thread subject, you know the ones just bashing your idiocy. Contribute more to the thread being this irrelevant.

On a positive note.

Me likey thisy chaptery.