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    Reborn Chapter 319 Discussion/320 Predictions

    Reborn 319 is out on

    HE'S FINALLY HERE!!! Hibari finally shows up and is ready to kick ass, if there's anyone to show off the power of Vongola he's the guy, I don't think Hibari would tie with someone so my bets are he wins the fight.

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    Hibari! He won't have much of a trouble here.

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    Nice chapter. Leave it to Hibari to come arriving to his battle in a helicopter.

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    Gotta love Hibari. I really hope he wins.
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    Shes a moron.. leaving a sick/hurt enma alone with julie/spade.. wtf!?! Although, he is definitely going to show up and show off chromes loyalty to him to tsuna.. and if possible, somehow mukuro..

    And, did they just say nothing happened at the hospital? I wonder how byakuran pulled that off, he doesnt have illusions.. I wonder if he just showed up and only talked.. but i doubt it.. I wonder if future mukuro helped out here.. o.O Although, i guess a replacement robot type thing could work.. :-/

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    Yeah still hoping Yamamoto comes back be4 Tsuna And Enma fight again. I get the feeling this fight might be less 1-sided than people think. The way this storyline is going at least 1 other guadian will tie or lose and go with the vindice. The talk with the 9th just seemed confusing to me.

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