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The fact that only 20,000 from 100,000 troops were found may mean that they allowed them to be found. Another strange thing is that they just dissolved like mud golems that white zatsu is capable of creating:


This would mean that the 100,000 army is intact and only the clones from the jutsu were destroyed.
Indeed I believe the plan with the Zetsu's since they have the advantage in numbers is to split up and keep the Shinobi main army busy while a smaller group sneaks into the Clouds "Shinobi" HQ and attacks the leaders there so that a small select group can go after Naruto & KB.

- Its probably a safe bet that the Edo Dan will go to the Clouds HQ

- Also Kabuto stated with Yamato's DNA he would be able to make more Zetsu's so there could be more than 100,000.

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Zetsu appeared undetectable from underground many times, the best example is the Hokage council were he was able to slip like it was nothing (they probably had many sesnors, including the mist byakugan user).

You would probably ask, why is he then undetectable underground. It's pretty simple, as he himself is made of such element.
Zetsu army was born from a tree that is linked to souless human that is linked to a statue that has a bijuu inside it. He don't cover underground, he is the ground.
Indeed its not just that hes underground but the jutsu he uses makes him difficult to detect even by sensor types. The databook explains this ....

Translation by ShounenSuki

Mayfly* (蜉蝣, Kagerou)
Ninjutsu, No rank, Supplementary, All ranges
User: Zetsu

Using roots to glide through the ground, this is a espionage and subterranean travel technique~~!!

This infiltration technique is characteristic of Zetsu. It allows him to merge his body with the ground and flora and travel at high speed.
His insectivorous plant-like shell has the ability to merge with the ground, because it is tinged with his chakra. Then, using the underground network of organic matter, consisting of things like plant roots and water veins, he can travel everywhere with high speed. While using this technique, his presence is completely concealed. No person would be able to perceive Zetsu's existence.