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    meh................Rokudaime's sig says it all.

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    So Ginjou group's main purpose is to get Ichigo his shinigami powers back but probably not their only purpose. And I wonder what the process will be like for him to getting his powers back. It was a good chapter and I dare someone to say something to me about it. Page 18, the person in the middle, dude or chick?

    Quote Originally Posted by LeaT View Post
    So I'll guess I will be the first one to say that I actually liked it. New characters showed up that we didn't know of before, and I get an odd film noir feeling akin to Darker than Black. That's a good thing! The detective stuff will end soon though, I guess.
    I liked it too man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wwdotcom View Post
    Now it gets more interesting.

    Phixy, Shinhan, thsv, DFX and HB-probably the driver.
    Phixy won't do it, DFX probably, HB,Thsv,Shinhan definitely.

    I did get that detective hollywood film vibe from this chapter was cool and all but the draaaaaaaaag man I liked the pace of the last several chapters but this one com on!

    And fuck finally when Sado is mentioned he disappears?!!

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    I too liked the chapter. Sure the pace is a little slow but I think that is intentional, beyond obvious Kubo trolling. The chapters have been setting up a sort of mystery movie type feeling which is a refreshing break from the hack slash hack slash train hack slash that has been Bleach for the last couple years.

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    pirate hunter arisart's Avatar
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    I kinda liked the chapter too but not the best chap to end the year though. They want to bring Ichigo's power back so it's obvious they gonna need it for something. The question now is on what/who.

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    ok chapter. ready for it to pick up a little bit though but have to get there soon or later 4/5

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    Okay someone clarify this for me. Is Ichigo meant to be a lame character? Why would he rely on new characters for help when he's got friends and the vizards? Seriously, for someone who ranks high in his class this is getting ridiculous. Or plot development --which is okay I guess.

    Reminds me of the Vizard arc actually. Said he didn't need their help but then went to them anyway. To be honest, I don't like his character much.

    Don't know what's with Orihime and the need for non-sequitors these few chapters.

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    Senior Member Titokhan's Avatar
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    and is it just me, or is that charm hanging from the chain around the new guy's neck seem kind of like something a Quincy would wear?
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    Chad's been all but forgotten till now and still he's got a likely chance of being found beaten to a pulp by a new enemy faction. Eh, can't hurt to be optimistic. An entire organization assembled solely for Ichigo regaining his powers is kind of odd. I doubt that's their only pupose or these guys seriously need to get out more.

    Ichigo's in a tough spot. He doesn't have the security of Rukia as a confidant and friend anymore and feels anyone else wouldn't get what he's going through. She also suffered a loss of her powers way back during Bleach's intro so she'd be able to relate with his situation. He acts a lot differently when she's not around, I think he's come to rely on her more than he cares to admit.

    Still new characters make for possibly interesting developments in the future. Have to wait and see who shines out of them besides Ginjou. The bar/exclusive club backdrop was a nice touch.

    As long as everything just keeps on flowing forward, then that's already enough.
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    So.. ginjou really doesnt care about ichigos dad?

    Well, ive liked all the chapters this arc so far, but damn some are just really slow.. like this one..

    Orihime is kinda weird.. She knows she might get attacked, but still doesnt have her hairpins with her.. unless shes hiding them or something.. I wonder if she has a different way to use her fairies, or just has something besides the fairies now... o.o

    Ginjous necklace is an X.. generally quincy necklaces are a bit different than that.. but it could be related.

    And about that man chick... i dunno, it could be either.. can we bring in Thsv to give a ruling?

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