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    One piece for Xmas-what are u expecting?

    Hey guys, I am new here and want to seek some opinions here. My brother loves One Piece so much and he always like collecting something concerning this manga. So I am looking for something new for him as his Christmas gift. I just found 2 sets which seem to be good choices as following: and . Which one would be better in your opinions? Honestly speaking, I've never seen this series/manga before, just know little about it. So I need your ideas and could you help me please?
    By the way, are you also expecting a gift concerning "One Piece"? If yes, what?

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    i think this should really go in the ask a Q thread no need for its own. but if your bro loves one piece as much as you said then any thing he does not already have he will love.
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    Hey stick to the topic, quit asking nonsense question about other series or if cross777 is thunder luffy which by the way have different IP addresses.... Next person that goes off topic will be infracted...

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    Buy him a Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper~ Franky plush. That's what I'm asking santa for christmas...

    Click to get your very own:Superrr~ Cross777 repellent^

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    this kinda stuff doesn`t need a new thread....there`s an "ask question thread"...u can ask there....

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    If I post in the wrong section, I feel sorry about that.
    Nevertheless, thanks for your suggestions.

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    No.. err.. I think it's sort of weird..
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    if they really like one piece you should just buy the books

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    Quote Originally Posted by dct21 View Post
    if they really like one piece you should just buy the books
    Books? But don't you think TV series would be better?

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    Quote Originally Posted by leean View Post
    Books? But don't you think TV series would be better?

    I Love You!

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    Not even close...
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    Hey scotty can you make a thread of How much milk Brooke drinks?
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