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    How many people want to see Naruto get taken by Pain?

    As the thread title suggests. How many people would want to see that? Now there can be different scenarios like Naruto goes there and as the Kyuubi is being release, his chakra is so strong that it destroys the statue. Or Naruto goes there and teams with Sasuke and crew to defeat Akatsuki alongside with the Cloud crew. Or even another moment as they are extracting the Kyuubi, and like 8 tails it turns out to be a fake. Add more if neccasry.

    Or how many would not like to see him get captured? Maybe he defeats God Realm with the help of Shikamaru and crew and we finally see a glimpse of what Nagato looks like. Or Lee and crew come to assist Naruto. or Ten ten turning out to be a spy and she turns on Naruto and crew only to be killed in a climatic ending. She won't die though.


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    I would like to see that. Im all for a story being raped by irony. Seriously.

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    Na, I don't wanna see him get captured, that's gonna lead to another rescue arc. I'd much rather have the kyubi come out now, if shikamaru's team can't figure things out about Pain, or if team gai don't show up on time. I wanna see Nagato already.
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    i would be up for naruto being captured only if sasuke's team hawk goes to rescue him.

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    I would like to see Nagato so I say na, Don't want him to get captured.

    Though him being caught would make the story more interesting... hmmm I dunno. F*ck it let him get caught.

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    Personaly, Naruto NEEEDS to win this fight no matter what. Afterl all that pawnage he done on Pain up until now deserves to have him win it. I even thought he would BUT situation changed dramaticaly when I read the latest CONFIRMED spolier that is to be found in the spolier section. I was soooo dissapointed with it, like WTF Kishi you just wont let Naruto win a major fucking fight ehh. Nevermind

    It seems that Naruto will be captured but I dont know if you forgot but Akatsuki CANT start Kyuubi sealing enyway soon. Why, cuz Killerbees on loose and we now that the sealing needs to be done from the lowest tails up to nine-tails as the last sealing. This way Naruto and Sasuke will meet but I doubt Sasuke will change his mind and save him.
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    I think with the way the fights been going, and having Naruto own Pain left and right just to eventually be beaten and captured would be kind of a waste. Pain was already built up as the strongest villain in the series so far, and Naruto hasn't had a real decent fight in Shippuden until now.

    Personally it just makes sense to have Naruto win because it would show how far he's progressed and would set up an epic confrontation between Naruto and Nagato, Jiraiya's 2 top pupils, with one being the child of prophecy. They're opposite ideals and the fact Pain has killed two of the most important people in Naruto's life just makes the inevitable confrontation all the more epic. Naruto being captured would kind of ruin that.

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    It can't happen, it won't happen. I naruto is captured I will stop reading the manga and travel the world, I will write a book watching as nature takes it course. SIKE..........................

    If naruto is captured it will make things very interesting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hand Banana View Post
    or Ten ten turning out to be a spy and she turns on Naruto and crew only to be killed in a climatic ending. She won't die though.

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