Alone SEGA was coming to ask them that if PS3 MOVE or KINECT would do games with PS3 to a few games if it serves PS3 MOVe or kinect but also with the camera (EYE PET PS3) or with the microphone (tom clasysc end war) like ordering the soldiers , for games of ps3 or xbox360 because I have the idea of buying to me the PS3 MOVE also would be grateful for (OPINION) ^ _ ^ that if there were games with the camera that also have the option of which they are played by controlller of ps3 or xbox360 ( put space channel 5 part 2 soon with ps3 move and wireless control PLZ) WOULD BE HAPPY LIKE THAT

that is for a program PROMT TRASLATION AGENT
this program helped me very much because not to speak English ok


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PS3 Move
ps3 wireless controller