Wow! What an episode! It wasn't the best animated of the war-arc bunch, but the scale of this part of the manga was much better translated here, as well as the significance of EVERY SINGLE PERSON (except Buggy and his crew. morons) putting their hopes and efforts into Luffy's awesomeness. Tidbits that I loved.

-Jimbei disobeying Whitebeard's order to protect Whitebeard himself was awesome.
-Whitebeard being too proud to admit that he was thankful for Jimbei's help.
-The actual "bridge of life" creation animated was totally badass.
-Luffy + Ace's grandpa calling him "Straw Hat Luffy", his pirate-with-wanted-status name, shows how really conflicted about all this Garp is.
-Kizaru saying Whitebeard's name as if doing so made him shit bricks of photons, after Kizaru had been talking smack for, like, the entire war, to and about Whitebeard.
-Crocodile's, well, "Crocodilish" way of telling Luffy that he was also believing in him while simulataneously finding a way to still belittle Luffy.

Can't wait for the epic Falcon Luffy Pawnch that we all know is coming, proving that even in mange, the direct approach is the best way to resolve any family dispute!!!