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    Quote Originally Posted by Moork View Post
    Tons of good info this chapter. Edo Tensei gets some nice clarification (although a fair bit of the revelations were predicted by others).

    The interplay between Madara and Kabuto is good stuff. I wonder if a future clash between the two has become more certain now.

    Also, I wonder what possessed the 2nd Hokage to create a dark technique like Edo Tensei. That's a flashback story that needs to be told.
    i love to see that . 5/5 next week kakashi vs zabuza
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    kubato is one evil mfer, i wonder what hes goal was since he said he was scared of the rinnegan and not the sharingan

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    Quote Originally Posted by sevencold19 View Post
    i love to see that . 5/5 next week kakashi vs zabuza
    I do wonder though whether Zabuza might not still have his free will?

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    Finally its like the old days of late Thursday - Friday release we got so spoiled with Wensday.

    - So the Cursed Seal on Sasuke vanished but the one on Anko still exsists perhaps because Orochimaru used the chakra in the Seal to escape from Sasuke.

    - The mechanics of Edo Tensei finally revealed in detail

    - Glad that it does require DNA to revive through Edo as that makes more sense.

    - Also the fact that the 2nd Hokage never actually used it or completed it fits more with the personality of Tobimaru.

    - I'm digging the Intel divisions mind gear setup its like a weaker version of Nagato's holographic jutsu.

    - Madara pretty much said what most have already been thinking its too convenient

    - I think Kabuto is either lying or he doesnt realize there is a side effect from summoning so many Edo . I bet the side effect is the summoners own life force is drained for each Edo summon that is neutralized. Similar to the effect of using so many shadow clones he wont realize it until after many of them start going poof. That or he knows it and that is why wants Anko CS power to boost his life force.

    - Next issue Garaas unit battles ??? I bet Gaara fights his dad

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    I still don't know what to make of Kabuto. So far, he is portrayed as an antagonist. But how come I have this wierd feeling that he might be some sort of an anti-hero. He must be the most enigmatic character as of now. No one knows his real goals, his origin, or his purpose. He might actually pull off a 'Gin' like in Bleach.

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    Great chapter, or was it a double issue?

    I guess most of us knew sealed souls can't be summoned, but I think there's still something more going on here. Kabuto is leaving things out, due the situation hes in now, show what you got or die situation from Madara. Classic lol.

    Good to finally know what Orocihmaru was trying to summon during the fight with the third hokage. I knew it was relevant somehow, basically I wanted to know who it was ever since I saw that episodes 3 years ago.

    But during that fight the third felt quite sure he stopped the third casket that contained the forth hokage. Seems to be small conflictions between Kabuto and the third hokage, originally I wouldn't doubt such great info but the third was very knowledgeable in techniques and the 2nd hokage was his sensei . Worth a thought and Kabuto in my opinion is hiding something, no risks come on this is ridiculous, the dead demon seal can't be the only way to kill these things. (

    Ive always had the theory if you kill the summoner the bodies die too, maybe the souls are linked somehow similar to the dead demon seal. And I think I'm on the right track because when kabuto drew blood of the living sacrifice he also stabbed himself and his blood was also involved in the ritual.(

    I think Kabuto is trying to become immortal, this variation of edo tensei is good way to become immortal if there are no risks on either the living sacrifice or the summoner. I think Kabuto is trying to revive Orocihmaru using his body and Anko's chakra combo deal. But Orochimaru is trapped in an eternal genjutsu, not sure what the limitations this implies.

    Also I think maybe next chapter Madara may give us a hint to who's in the 6th coffin, something like " so thats how he did..etc"
    Remember madara's reaction "you madman, how did you do this"

    But once again Kishi your manga is Top of line as usual.
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    I like how Kishi put Kabuto on the same level as Madara and the color page looked awesome with all three of them on there (Kabuto, madara, and Naruto).

    This is the first time Naruto has had to train without his Kagebushins, which will be interesting to see.

    The byjuu death ball has to be heavy. Not only has Naruto confirmed it this chapter, but it was also confirmed during the Orochimaru vs Naruto fight. Thats when kyuubi Naruto swallowed the death ball and was so heavy he started to break the ground beneath him.

    5 chapters in and I'm still creeped out by the snake coming out of Kabuto's ass.

    Madara seems extremly nervous about the impure world technique, still.

    Good to see that Kabuto almost shit his pants when Madara threatened him.

    Is this the second Aburame to die since the war started, which just so happens to also be the second living person?

    Does the fact that Oro couldnt revive the fourth mean that the 3rd really didnt stop the 3rd casket or does it mean that it wasnt the Fourth that Oro was trying to bring back.

    After all this time I still like Zabuza and Haku.

    4.5/5 - and thats just for the information revealed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shadowfox87 View Post
    Kabuto has got to be hiding the real risk. I bet it drains his own chakra considerably, which is why he needs Anko to revive himself. He probably told the technique to Madara so that Madara himself will try to do it without knowing the consequences. I don't think Madara is that stupid though.
    I agree or even deteriorating his own body. But since he could probably do the technique of transfering from one body to another it won't matter, thus no risk at all.

    Quote Originally Posted by MOTS View Post
    Is it me or was Madara copying the summoning technique?
    He's probably thinking if he could use the technique to get his old body back somewhat.

    Anyway, great chap. 5/5

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    Quote Originally Posted by psukkar View Post
    Great chapter, or was it a double issue?

    Anyway I think Kabuto is trying to become immortal, this variation of edo tensei is good way to become immortal if there are no risks on either the living sacrifice or the summoner. I think Kabuto is trying to revive Orocihmaru using his body and Anko. But Orochimaru is trapped in an eternal genjutsu, not sure what the limitations this implies.

    But once again Kishi your manga is Top of line as usual.
    Kabuto's Immortality is the same as Orochimaru's taking peoples bodies and living in them like a parasite. He wants Sasuke's body after all so that he can learn the secret of all ninjutsu i.e. copy cat Orochimaru.

    He already explained only people residing in the Pure World can be revived and we know Orochimaru is sealed in Itachi's Susnaoo jar so thats not gonna happen. After all he is no longer Orochimaru's henchman he is trying to surpass Oro as he told Naruto.

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    Danzou's lackies back for one chap just to fully explain the mechanics of Edo Tensei. Well they were dead weight anyways so why not.

    Kabuto is definitely more interesting than Madara at this point. I'll wait to see just how far he'll go to get what he wants during the war.

    Haku looking as feminine as ever. Here's to him and Zabuza surviving long enough for a reunion with Naruto and Team 7. Commanding General Gaara taking aim next chap. Looks likes the main scuffles are soon to come.
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    As long as everything just keeps on flowing forward, then that's already enough.
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