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    Quote Originally Posted by Arhazivory View Post
    Except...he's not dead. He's quite alive and kicking because they're in the past.

    I'm just not into too much dead guys coming back crap. This one is cool, but if it becomes a trend I'll be annoyed.
    and this one you can argue that he never actually died..
    But he might have, and its just that julie found something he shouldnt and is being controlled now.. Damn that sounds so familiar.. have i said this before in an earlier post?
    Or.. its a bluff.. o.O

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    One Piece

    Quote Originally Posted by Chaos Shepherd View Post
    Ahh.. thats why he said.. "just like the primo" ..
    Was thinking it's possible he also meant both "primo's", like he manipulated the whole betrayal in the 1st place by messing with both of their minds in the past 1st generation like he might be messing with both of their minds now. Like maybe he helped Enma's words affect Tsuna more than they should have.

    Quote Originally Posted by johnnythunder17 View Post
    i'm kinda confused, i thought chrome repaired her own organs with her ring
    Quote Originally Posted by Roshi View Post
    In the future she learnt how to but it was originally Mukuro. She can't maintain the illusion now anyway because she doesn't have her ring.
    It's possible he's lying about 90% of what he said. Earlier they said the key to the mist guardians power is just placing a sliver of doubt that what you're seeing is true and then you're already under their perception and control. So there might be 1 more giant twist of a lie.

    Quote Originally Posted by Arhazivory View Post
    DAAAAAMN! That kicked up a whole damn notch! Now we know why that happened all those years ago and now he wants the same thing to happen again - 1nother war. He's hot but wicked. If an illusion can create organs, then its not surprising that an illusion can keep someone alive for so many years. I guess his power is naturally running out and he needs a stronger body (lolwut...Orochimaru?) so he's after Mukuro.

    Wow....can't wait for next week. Just as we suspected, the battles are just the side dish to an even bigger story.

    The Mukuro theory seems the simplest and like the best bet.

    Quote Originally Posted by thebulk View Post
    Right this is reborn at its best totally unexpected and out of no where...bringing up the ex guardian as an antagonist is a pretty gd plan. Really gotta see where this is going. But poor chrome though. But its gonna be one hell of a fight to see how any of them can match up to an ex guardian.
    Wonder if this is a prelude to like 300 chapters down the line Mukuro betraying Tsuna in some just evil way. I was partly right about him needing/ being afraid of Chrome/ Mukuro. Disappointed though that Chrome is still this weak. I get she has no ring right now and all but her always needing like more help than Lambo is getting annoying. That other Mukuro fangirl was right, she sucks. Hope she gets stronger soon. Seems like Chrome, and Yammamoto might not fight till the end of this arc changing things up a bit.

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    People say that "How can Spade be back, he should be dead"

    ... What about Talbot? He's still alive, and he was around when Primo was.

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