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    Quote Originally Posted by Immortal-JyNxX View Post
    Funny how all my "common sense" thoughts of Edo Tensei ends up right... Btw Kabuto got characters like Itachi and Nagato dna likely because Oro collected it prior..
    I don't see how Oro could collect their DNA without them knowing, especially Nagato as he never showed his face.

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    Well, we know Kabuto was in the area during the Pain fight (Anko/Yamato were searching for him in the forests around the time Naruto went 6-tails). It's possible he collected some DNA from Nagato's nearby hideout after the fight. The guy was hacking up blood for like 15 chapters.

    Kabuto also made an appearance right before the Sasuke/Itachi fight, in the woods while Naruto & Co. were searching for Itachi. It's possible he visited Sasuke/Itachi's battlefield afterwards. Same deal, Itachi coughed up like six gallons of blood, and that's not counting the tears of blood or the cut to his leg.

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    1) Kishimoto contradicting himself with this new definition of EDO Tensei
    2) This a Translational artifact
    3) This ET with DNA is Kabuto's Version of ET

    What do you guys say?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Light-kun View Post
    Awesome chapter! (And it isn't even out yet)

    Hope to see Kakashi vs. Zabusa 2.0 next week.

    And a whole bunch of new information. Nice!

    But I wonder what Kabuto is up to.
    If he needs a living body for ET, why didn't he just a Zetzu clone?
    good point.

    I personally dont think getting the DNA was as complicated as everyone is making it seem. When Naruto was fighting Nagato (real body). Nagato was bleeding from the mouth, thats DNA right there. Diedora might have blown hisself up, but that doesnt mean all of his body was incinerated. When I think of something or someone exploding I imagine chunks of them flying everywhere. We see Kabuto was able to reincarnate Manda with just a few cells.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Light-kun View Post
    But I wonder what Kabuto is up to.
    If he needs a living body for ET, why didn't he just a Zetzu clone?
    Probably because Zetsu clones don't have souls.

    This reminds me of Dragonball Z, remember the red army was collecting DNA from all strong warriors using fly drones. Kabuto or Orochimaru must have collected DNA samples in similar ways. You just need DNA to reconstruct flesh... look at Manda and the First Hokage.

    Once they have the right amount of flesh, they could now use it for Edo Tensie.

    Kabuto is such an enigmatic character. What's his real goal? his origin? His motives? I'm sure there will be a set of chapters dealing about him. Is he really an antagonist? Or is he the 'Gin' of Naruto?

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